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  1. I am more than happy to play for free.
  2. Nothing has worked for me. It wont even let me watch the stuff which I have recorded :-(
  3. I work at Hallam and unfortunately live close enough to be able to walk to collegiate. It won't be closed though, it's never does :-(
  4. This. I work hard all week so I should be allowed to sit in my garden and listen to a bit of quietish music. I need to make the most of it when nexts doors kids aint out there screaming and trying to talk to me when i just wanna be left alone in my solitude whilst gardening. Was out there on sat listening to a bit of Bright eyes, Frank Turner and Gaslight Anthem. Non-offensive music and not loud. Sadly it was slightly ruined by the chavs accross the way pumping out some awful Rap or whatever its called from their attic window for all the street to hear. I hate those ********.
  5. Its rare that you see BMX's with that mechanism now. Most BMX riders with no brakes just use shoes on the tyre to slow down. I used to ride with a back brake but living in Crookes there were times when I REALLY needed to stop so ended up fitting a front too. After looking at the video i came to these conclusions: The first one.. Did the cyclist indicate that he was turning right? If so then the cars fault but if not then you're both to blame. 2nd. Yes the car driver should have seen you really but you were going quite a lot faster than the cars and you were cycling in the middle of the road rather than by the kerb. As someone else said, a bit of self prservation never goes amiss 3. thats the cars fault that one, although you were going slow and a man with a van is hardly gonna wait Im a cyclist (BMX/Mountain bike) and a driver so I can see everything from both perspectives. Some cyclists are just cocks and trying to prove that they are hollier than thou (all the gear/zero emissions vests) and most drivers generally think the roads are just for them and them alone and just don't Think about cyclists.
  6. We got our first ones yesterday. UKIP, Conservative and Labour. I still don't know who to vote for!
  7. Hi. Im new to the beautiful, beautiful world of mountain biking. Got myself a Specialized rock hopper and took it for a cruise to redmires the other day which was fairly enjoyable. Anyway, I live in the Crosspool area and was wondering if anyone knew of any good trails or routes that I could venture to/take? I would rather not have to take bike on the car and don't fancy riding on busy roads much to get there.
  8. You kidding? Come next wednesday our bin won't have been emptied for 6 weeks! We were away for like the 3rd week (weds after xmas) of that so didn't put it out then though, but still if they even did come that week 1 in 6 is still bad. I might phone Veoila up. The thing is, people have put their rubbish next to the bins on the pavement which is minging. Someone had a clear plastic bag full of bottles and stuff so I don't feel sorry for them because they don't recycle. Admittedly its not particularly accessible here but they could at least try. Everyone else has had to get to work/get on with their jobs and cars can now go down are road without any probs.
  9. I agree. I can't see the logic in gritting the roads but not the pavements. Our Road hasn't been gritted and our Black bin hasn't been emptied for 5 weeks today and its completely full. They're due to come today but would usually be here by now. We're lucky theres just the two of us and that we recycle lots otherwise god know what we'd do.
  10. Ahh fair enough then. Talking of burglars though, I had my car broken into the other day whilst there was snow on the ground. Stupidly, I did'nt even notice that my car had been broken into at first cos I sometimes forget to lock it. Anyway, by the time I realised I had already trampled over what would have been the dirty thieves footprints so had destroyed all the evidence myself!
  11. They might not have done it like that. Maybe they thought you might not like grit on your drive? I'd be well annoyed if my neighbour came and gritted my path. The slippery the path, the less chance of burglars!
  12. Hahaha, brilliant. Good old Nature!
  13. Yeah that would be cool actually especially as we don't have green bins here. To be honest the blue bin is a bit pointless for us because we take all our paper/cardboard recycling to the banks just near our road. The council haven't emptied my black bin for about a month now because my road is hard enough for them to get down let alone when its all snowed/iced over, and its getting kinda full... Im not sure what to do with my rubbish.. Any ideas?
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