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  1. All the blokes in the photo are ex members of St. Thomas More Football Team circa 1970 Tony Bush
  2. Could they be Josie's realtions/friends? Flonks
  3. dear bushbaby, thanks for all the info. I,ve recently been trying to find the origin of the name"Bell Hagg" an outcrop of millstone grit over-looking Rivelin Valley. The Old English Dictionaries have been unhelpful. Apparantly a hagg is a clearing demarked by a hedge but more than this I know not. Any siggestions? Flonks
  4. My first wife Jean was fascinated when my nephew John Waring aged about five said,when it was raining,"look-it's siling it down." Flonks
  5. Dear Bushbaby, I looked on the wbsite for Parson Cross but it doesn't mention the origin of the name. It only says that the area now known as Parson Cross was extensive farm land prior to essential house building. Looks like a phone call to the Town Hall is required for futher historical information. richardbush
  6. During the inter regnum - between the old Tavern and the new one being built - a pop group appeared at the Colley WMC and sang " Once upon a time there was a Tavern". They couldn't understand the uproar at the opening line! richardbush
  7. Thankyou - very interesting. Our GP was Dr. Anderson and I went to school with Dr.O'Connor's son - Rory. My mother oftened telephoned for Dr. Bagon to make a house visit. She used to be a nurse ( a State Registered Fever Nurse ) and so would make these requests with a very professional manner which I'm sure impressed our neigbours and you father's receptionist! richardbush
  8. Did you have a label in your lapel with your name and address on it and did you get slapped because your socks were down on the photograph?
  9. Did you have alebel in your lapel with your name and address on it and did you get slapped because your socks were down on the photograph?
  10. thanks for all replies. Wassok can mean a ****. nesh is also a verb as in "he neshed it" when you halfheartedly go into a football tackle. In addition to "hobbies on" how abot "High Knees"? PS I didn't know that bushbay work at John Brown's - so did I at Neepsend.
  11. Does anyone know the origin of: 1/corsey edge 2/lamass 3/no hobbies on 4/outs 5/six foot and a gassy 6/drags 7/hit or miss run two 8/around t'lump 9/mardy 10/a face as long as Norfolk Street
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