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  1. rumours wilder in at weekend ....but who knows have McCabe and Warnock made up ....id love Warnock back
  2. I think he needs another season ... think the players need to take a good look at them self's.... not good enough ....needs backing by the board ...
  3. There waiting for the winning bidder to except it ...
  4. 19 quid for me and my son a club that's cares
  5. knew him all my life .never forget waiting for green un outside his shop at page hall .soo sad my brothers worked for him ...such a nice couple ripx
  6. ive got a vista disc with every addition on ...
  7. To be honest don't think they can improve it .its the people that live there....one thing I saw made me mad .my mum lives on whiteways rd .shes got Romanian neighbours car pulls up 3 kids get out of the back driver gets out and wipes back seat witch was full pop cans crisp packets on pavement then went into the house really I was gobsmacked ...
  8. always remember waiting outside Bradleys 20 past 6 to get my dad a green en .there was loads waiting was a great community sprit
  9. was brought up round there .....shame id say when I was young people sought after houses down there ...
  10. Anyone know whats goilng off .roads blocked coppers everwere
  11. Hi wunder if anyone can help? My sons z10 stopped working think its the battery not sure any got one nr gleadless an let me try there battery dont wanna buy one if the phone is broke please help thank you
  12. Remember when i was 16 ..1980 .was walking though firth park and dropped a chip tray .i was took to court and fined ..my fault i know but thats when police were strict
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