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  1. I don't Have it on my face,But I think Boys wont think they are very attractive,or extremely Unattractive. see what you look like originally!
  2. It will easily get sick after going out in rain without a raincoat or an umbrella, I won't do that
  3. 1o centuries = 1000years,,, How amazing it is!
  4. I dont think so... rolleyes: We all can say so... NO is a common word... But we should be more polite when we want to say this word to the hairdresser
  5. I think this action is very polite ... Nancy
  6. May I answer you a half? Becox my Grandparents are not..My Grandparents are still in other country now
  7. I hate Chinese.(I hate their behaviour!) Should I change my mind>? Change my idea? But I really can't accept their behaviour... Ive Got the answer ! Thx..I 'll change my mind ....! THX all of you ....you're very nice;) ..
  8. haha...I remeber ur post ... That's great .. But ur neighbours will come back anyway...
  9. so What language would you like to choose? English?
  10. this action is not good for our body , It may hurts our stomach:hihi:
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