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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a dance partner (leader or follower, I don't mind) for as many different styles of dance as possible. I'm advanced in a lot of styles and in those I don't yet know I learn very, very quickly and need someone who can learn just as quickly. Can attend dance classes in or around Sheffield, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham, or places in between. Please pm .
  2. Many styles of dance taster sessions available for Hen Parties (and other occasions). Styles include: Bellydance, Cancan, Bollywood (Indian), Salsa, Street Dance, Jive, and many others. Visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  3. There's a great fun '70s Disco Dance workshop in Sheffield on 28th June (2008). For full info visit http://www.everydance.co.uk and look under 'events' and 'june'.
  4. A French Cancan dance workshop is running on 20th April in Sheffield. For details visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  5. All the workshops last three hours and cost £19, but you get a discount if you book because of ad on Sheffield Forum or http://www.everydance.co.uk (making it £17). Student rate is £15.
  6. There are some dance workshops coming up in Sheffield (S10): Learn to Cancan in April Learn to Salsa in May and 1970s Disco Dance in June For more information visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk or call 01909-566831
  7. It's normally £19 for the three hours, but anyone replying to the ad here or on the Every Dance website get £2 off - therefore £17.
  8. A French Cancan dance workshop will be taught on 20th April, 2008 which is open to the public. For more details visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  9. There are two Bollywood beginners dance classes running in Sheffield. See http://www.everydance.co.uk for further details.
  10. There are beginners Bellydance classes running in Mansfield on Tuesday evenings. Please contact tel: 01909-566831 or e-mail: info@everydance.co.uk for more information.
  11. There's a beginners' Bollywood dance class running at The Yoga Centre in Walkley. For full info visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  12. Bollywood dance classes running in Sheffield. Visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  13. There is a two-hour Tuesday evening bellydance class running in Mansfield. For more information phone: Every Dance on 01909-566831
  14. There's a Beginners Bollywood dance class on Monday evenings in Walkley. As of February there'll be new All Sorts dance classes on Wednesday evenings in Sheffield city centre. All details on: http://www.everydance.co.uk (under 'classes').
  15. There's a new Beginner's Bollywood Dance Course on Monday evenings at The Yoga Centre in Walkley. See http://www.everydance.co.uk for details.
  16. For information about Dance Classes for the New Year visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  17. There are a number of Bollywood dance classes and world dance classes starting again in January 2008. For full details visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  18. There is a huge dance show running on 2nd November at the Bannerdale Centre in Sheffield. The first half comprises Indian Dance styles and the second half is a mixture of loads of styles including Chinese Fan Dance, 1920s, Latin Fusion, Jive, Lindy Hop and more. For full details visit http://www.everydance.co.uk
  19. There is a Bollywood For Beginners dance workshop happening on Saturday, 1st September. For guys as well as girls. More info on http://www.everydance.co.uk or call: 01909-566831
  20. There is a new Bhangra dance routine beginning on Sunday 8th July lasting about five weeks. Classes are held on Sundays at 1.15pm (till 2.15pm) at Goodwin Sports Centre, Northumberland Road, Sheffield S10. £5 per class. To book a place or for more info visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk e-mail: info@everydance.co.uk tel: 01909-566831
  21. Try the classes at http://www.aimtodanceandcreate.co.uk
  22. If anyone is still looking for Bhangra (and/or Bollywood) lessons, I teach a lot of them. More information on: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  23. There will be a ladies only Chinese Fan Dance workshop running on Saturday 28th July in Sheffield. For details visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  24. There is a new Bollywood routine beginning on Sunday 17th June (2007) at Goodwin Sports Centre, Sheffield. It's ladies only, and appropriate for all levels of dance experience. For details of venue and time please visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  25. Hiya, Cis, I don't run weekly bellydance classes, but will be teaching private lessons in Anston (S25) during the summer. Would you let me know about your classes so that I can tell people who ask and also come along and have some fun myself when I manage to grab the time? Ta. Sheena
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