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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a dance partner (leader or follower, I don't mind) for as many different styles of dance as possible. I'm advanced in a lot of styles and in those I don't yet know I learn very, very quickly and need someone who can learn just as quickly. Can attend dance classes in or around Sheffield, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham, or places in between. Please pm .
  2. Many styles of dance taster sessions available for Hen Parties (and other occasions). Styles include: Bellydance, Cancan, Bollywood (Indian), Salsa, Street Dance, Jive, and many others. Visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  3. There's a great fun '70s Disco Dance workshop in Sheffield on 28th June (2008). For full info visit http://www.everydance.co.uk and look under 'events' and 'june'.
  4. A French Cancan dance workshop is running on 20th April in Sheffield. For details visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  5. All the workshops last three hours and cost £19, but you get a discount if you book because of ad on Sheffield Forum or http://www.everydance.co.uk (making it £17). Student rate is £15.
  6. There are some dance workshops coming up in Sheffield (S10): Learn to Cancan in April Learn to Salsa in May and 1970s Disco Dance in June For more information visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk or call 01909-566831
  7. It's normally £19 for the three hours, but anyone replying to the ad here or on the Every Dance website get £2 off - therefore £17.
  8. A French Cancan dance workshop will be taught on 20th April, 2008 which is open to the public. For more details visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  9. There are two Bollywood beginners dance classes running in Sheffield. See http://www.everydance.co.uk for further details.
  10. There are beginners Bellydance classes running in Mansfield on Tuesday evenings. Please contact tel: 01909-566831 or e-mail: info@everydance.co.uk for more information.
  11. There's a beginners' Bollywood dance class running at The Yoga Centre in Walkley. For full info visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  12. Bollywood dance classes running in Sheffield. Visit: http://www.everydance.co.uk
  13. There is a two-hour Tuesday evening bellydance class running in Mansfield. For more information phone: Every Dance on 01909-566831
  14. There's a Beginners Bollywood dance class on Monday evenings in Walkley. As of February there'll be new All Sorts dance classes on Wednesday evenings in Sheffield city centre. All details on: http://www.everydance.co.uk (under 'classes').
  15. There's a new Beginner's Bollywood Dance Course on Monday evenings at The Yoga Centre in Walkley. See http://www.everydance.co.uk for details.
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