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  1. i dont think it is. ages ago my brother had a 20GB premium 360 and i wanted to put a 250GB HDD in it and i asked some advice and questions on the xbox forum and quite a lot of people made it clear that replacing the hard drive with another and cloning or flashing it is not allowed and if microsoft come accross it they will ban the console. they can detect that the hard drive size and the firmware and numbers dont match the new drive.
  2. i thought that, looks like a larger scale of a maccy d's happy meal toy £349 though is realy expensive at this stage of the consoles life even if it is limited edition with a limited edition white kinnect sensor.
  3. anyone see the new Limited Edition xbox 360S console that is coming out april 3rd? will come with 320GB HDD bundled with a limited edition white Kinnect sensor and star wars kinnect game. http://uncrate.com/p/2011/07/star-wars-xbox-360-xl.jpg amazon are taking pre-orders for £349. unboxing video here: CHECK OUT THE CUSTOM BUTTON SOUNDS AT END!!!!
  4. thats worked a treat. cheers.
  5. hmm just done that and only windows 7 shows
  6. when i press the down arrow to highlight it, all i can do is press enter.
  7. i was experimenting and got a old 40GB external usb hard drive and i instaled ubuntu 11 on it. but the annoying this is now i dont want to use it, when i boot the machine it asks me which OS i want to use. it comes up with windows 7 and ubuntu. how do i get rid of the ubuntu option??? i have unplugged the external drive and its still there.
  8. Hmmm very strange. All the 40gig models could do this
  9. to get the disc safely out. switch the ps3 off at the back with the power switch, then place your finger on the eject button, whilst keeping you finger on it, switch the ps3 back on with the switch at the back and as soon as it bleeps release your finger from eject button. this should boot the fan to the max speed in order to keep the gpu n cpu cool enough to stay on and eject the disc automaticaly.
  10. i wunt have the first idea of how to get one shipped here. plus how do i overcome the problem of the 2 pin US plug?
  11. Where woul that be coming from, how much in total to get one in uk and what about support for updates etc
  12. I am getting a problem when usin the browser on ps3. Basicaly the page trys to load and then it pops up sayin "NOT ENOUGH MEMORY" then sumert about it returned with a blank page. This is all im getting. Any ideas?
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