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  1. Anyone recommend someone to fit a replacement electric shower? merluza747@gmail.com
  2. Hi We have just started renting a house in Hackenthorpe, S12. It has an old electric shower in it, but it doesn't heat the water any more and the landlord has no interest in replacing it, but we are considering doing it. Any idea on cost for a new electric shower? The house has been rewired in the last 3 years, so presumably the electrics should be OK and take the current shower into account. Any idea on how much this might cost? Obviously I don't want to spend hundreds on a shower for someone else's house, but if it's cheaply replaced I'd really like it doing. Any ideas about cost or recommendations of anyone who might be able to do this? Cheers, Andy merluza747@gmail.com
  3. Will get it checked for a chip this morning and hopefully that will find the owner. If not, any ideas what we'd do with a stray ferret? Thought of somewhere like Thornberry? Going to get some posters printed out and put around the area too.
  4. We realised that about the dog crate, it's currently in a cat carrier with some food and water, but just seems to want to sleep. It will do until tomorrow morning anyway. If anybody has lost a ferret, you can call Andy on 07921662625.
  5. Sounds good to me, quite fancy this and value is excellent!!
  6. Indeed, also very happy Not on here very often these days, but been browsing this group for ideas for the last few weeks!
  7. Looking forward to trying it out at some stage soon! We always walk to Sheaf View or White Lion or even Kelham Island, but this is much nearer and very welcome!
  8. Graves Park, Ecclesall Woods, Hillsborough Park? All easy to get to and quite nice if the weather is good.
  9. Sounds really good, been meaning to try Viraaj since it opened.
  10. Horace Baldock I think it's called.
  11. I've sent you an email about this If there's a good time to call, let me know and I'll try again! Andy
  12. http://www.uksteam.info/tours/trs11.htm That lists all known main line steam tours on the main line.
  13. Rising Sun, forgot that one! In fact I'd probably switch that with the Dev Cat on my top 3!
  14. Will look out for it, saw a copy in the Fat Cat a while back. Sounds very 'useful'!
  15. Definately, like the Harlequin and was difficult to leave it out of my top 3! We had a three course Sunday lunch there a while back, with a beer to match each course and it was absolutely fantastic. Excellent choices of beer and really good value. Landlord always seems a nice bloke too.
  16. Cheers for the link, very useful! I'm certainly not saying the KIT is a rubbish pub, far from it, it's just not a personal favourite! My top 3, difficult!! 1. Fat Cat - Lovely beer garden, good range of beers. 2. Devonshire Cat - Excellent beers, good food, good location. 3. Sheaf View - Good value, good choice. I think we're pretty lucky in Sheffield, there's a good few 'decent' pubs I've never got around to visiting yet, there's just so many good ones. Really must try out: Gardners Rest, Blake and Red Deer soon as heard good things about them all!
  17. Have to say, KIT comes nowhere near my top 5 Sheffield pubs. Last time I went in, had a very odd tasting pint of Farmers Blonde and left after one drink.
  18. Try a lion 'roaring' , true it isn't, but, our dog was in the dog pound for over a month bored and scared.
  19. Thanks for the useful replies guys, nice to hear a few of other people's experiences of this kind of thing. As for the stupid pointless comments, get a life. It's an internet forum, stop trying to play Mr (or Mrs) big, you're not, you're pathetic!
  20. Destroyed? It'd be quiet then....... ......off to find a spade me goes!
  21. Thanks, sounded an even better deal if you can choose a drink as one of the options! Very tempted to try it out this week now!
  22. A useful post?? I had wondered about the RSPCA, but wondered if that was perhaps a bit too drastic a course of action, but as you say, if it's barking for attention and kicked out the whole time the owners are in the house, it might well be something they'd need to know about. It's obviously not happy to be barking 12-14hours a day.
  23. Of course, I have already read that page, but, what I was after is knowing if anybody had any experience of what to do in this situation.
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