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  1. wadsleyblade

    Volkswagen Aircooled mechanic

    What do you need doing?
  2. wadsleyblade

    Property Required for Rent that allows Pets

    What breed of dog do you have?
  3. Any current beginners Spanish courses running just now?
  4. wadsleyblade

    Oldham Athletic vs SUFC 17/10/2015

    I'd love to see the Blades pinch this 1-2, but think its most likely going to be a draw.
  5. Jamie Murphy rumoured to be off to Brighton for 2 million. sad to see him go, but could do with the money for defence.
  6. wadsleyblade

    Scunthorpe vs Blades 14/3/15

    Equaliser by Freeman ---------- Post added 14-03-2015 at 15:57 ---------- 1 - 1 half time
  7. wadsleyblade

    How to find a private landlord?

    Wouldnt have thought the Rylands v Fletcher ruling could be used here Jeffery. Wouldnt there have to have been an 'escape'??
  8. Basset, Thursday is November 6th.
  9. Irwin Mitchell very good. Did mine a few years back for about 120 quid
  10. Long shot, but was anyone walking their springer spaniel up on Wadsley common alongside Hillsborough golf course yesterday afternoon around 2 ish and lost touch with him for about 10 or 15 mins? Lovely looking liver and white dog and quite friendly. He came onto the practice area and was retrieving balls as the golfers hit them. Unfortunately i also witnessed him swallow at least 3 golf balls!! Not sure if he'll be able to get rid of these the 'natural' way so i think an expensive trip to the vet might be needed. Just hope he's going to be OK.
  11. wadsleyblade

    Travel for WEMBERLEY

    Anyone going from Hillsboro area or city centre? Need a couple of seats please.
  12. wadsleyblade

    Moving to North(ish) Sheffield - Loxley?

    Go for it, its a great place to live. Great countryside, couple of good pubs not too far away.
  13. wadsleyblade

    United v Bees 1.4.14

    Good write up Grappler. They were quicker, livelier and much more 'on it' than us. Good team and Blades pretty lucky to come away with a point, even though Flynn nearly nicked all three for us. We'll have to do better against the cod-heads.
  14. wadsleyblade

    Play off places

    Gentlemen, its not over until the fat lady sings!........(although admittedly she is exercising her vocal chords!!!) ---------- Post added 31-03-2014 at 12:25 ---------- The thread is still alive Sam, it started out as a "faint chance" of the last play off spot and the Blades have performed admirably well since and theres still a "faint chance". Lets hope we can oblige you tomorrow night !
  15. wadsleyblade

    Sheffield slavery case

    no change to the sentence

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