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  1. Vivo Clinic Sheffield description **You must only drop your samples during the opening times stated inside the clinic. Do NOT try to drop samples out of hours or post these via the clinic letterbox as samples will NOT be collected.** Vivo Sheffield The Stillpoint Practice 272a London Road S24NA Drop your samples Mon-Sun inside Vivo Clinic for collection. If you are unsure as to where to drop your sample, please ask a member of the Vivo team. Please drop your sample into the Vivo clinic between 09:00 and 16:00. You cannot drop your sample into the clinic after 16:00. **UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE RING CLINIC/PHARMACY DIRECTLY** Thanks All............
  2. Thanks Wallace, but i think you may be looking at the Silver St branch. They don't do the PCR testing. Cant seem to find anything re: London Rd.........
  3. Anyone know the opening times of Vivo clinic on London Rd at weekends? Need to drop off a PCR test sample there and cant get through on the phone.....
  4. Thanks Kevvy, tried them but 2-3 weeks turnaround and double the price of Rob above......... sorted now.
  5. I can recommend Rob above. I gave him the tapes on Saturday afternoon and they were completed by Sunday afternoon. Great job, thanks Rob 👍
  6. I have an adapter and a vhs player - whats the video capture device you mention above? Can you give some more details please? That sounds reasonable Norbert, message me your details please.
  7. I want to transfer three VHS-C tapes onto a USB stick. Does anyone in Sheff provide this service? Any idea on prices? Cheers
  8. Does anyone know of anyone who carries out wooden gutter repairs? Need a couple of corners replacing / splicing in. S6 area
  9. I'd love to see the Blades pinch this 1-2, but think its most likely going to be a draw.
  10. Jamie Murphy rumoured to be off to Brighton for 2 million. sad to see him go, but could do with the money for defence.
  11. Equaliser by Freeman ---------- Post added 14-03-2015 at 15:57 ---------- 1 - 1 half time
  12. Wouldnt have thought the Rylands v Fletcher ruling could be used here Jeffery. Wouldnt there have to have been an 'escape'??
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