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  1. Just had a look at your photos, never taken part in an event which used Spitfire Bottom but have spectated on the bridge several time... Happy times. The Magnum looks fine, at a time when Sheffield had two Vauxhaul Dealerships Bentley & Turret. The Magnum in action could well be at Kirton Quarry, in North Lincolnshire. I cannot read the rally plates. The Pete Well Mk II Escort looks like Jonty Bolsover is on the maps, Pete Wells always put a show on in the Derbyshire lanes! Although when I was active in One-Eleven my first choice was road rallies, I also did single venue stage events & whatever else was being organised. I did my fair share of road rally PR, never easy trying to get consent! Also marshalling on loads of road event & of course The RAC at Chatsworth. Been trying to think of other names from the late 1970s, grey matter not giving me answers at the moment. Happy days
  2. Third party lenses such as Tamron, Sigma etc sometimes need software updates on the lens to make them compatibly with bodies released after the lens. The lens was introduced early 2009, the 500D in mid 2009. Have you spoken to Tamron?
  3. I remember playing in the tunnel just before it was blocked during the building of the Parkway into Central Sheffield in the early 1970s. The tunnel wasn't infilled, the Eastern tunnel mouth was blocked with what we now call breeze block and then rocks and soil was piled up to to the tunnel mouth.
  4. Remember walking down Neepsend and smelling the brew, on cold days the steam used to swirl from the brew house. I remember seeing the cask washers steaming the casks prior to being refilled with ale. Amazing that a City the size of Sheffield which once supported several major regional breweries, Stones, Wards & Whitbread now has only microbreweries. I wonder how many brewery drays left each of the above mentioned breweries daily to deliver beer to the wider area? Certainly Sheffield beer got out into Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, North Nottinghamshire, Humberside, East & North Yorkshire.
  5. Personally if this project had included less people and more Sheffield it would have been of more interest to me. Good luck with your exhibition.
  6. ITIL & Prince2 tend to be used in larger organisations, such as local & regional government and currently they are not recruiting.
  7. You can buy the Applecare warranty right up to the day your 12 month Apple warranty expires, you don't have to buy it at the same time as your laptop. Also shop around as Applecare can be bough cheaper from 3rd party suppliers. Enjoy your Mac
  8. Just out of interest are you paying expenses for the families who you photograph?
  9. I will recommend OpTech, especially if you are carrying heavy gear for long periods.
  10. Nice images, sadly another lost industry. Where was this Jessop & Smith on Sidney Street? If so didn't realise they didn't anything other than knife blanks. Grinder
  11. I was a marshall on events with 111 and also did PR work prior to road events, not always he easiest of tasks! Visiting every property on the rally route to ensure locals knew the even was taking place and also listen to and act on any objections to the route passing their property. I was briefly involved in the 1980s as a competitor, sadly changes to targa timing on road rallies put an end to the style of rallies I enjoyed, also fully blown stage rally cars being banned fromremember road events. Not that I could ever have afforded a GP4 Escort, unlike some! Anyone the Motoring News / BTRDA road rally series? As shytot states 111 was a fully affiliated RACMSA motor club, certainly wouldn't be involved with event on the public highway without Police authorisation.
  12. Ive taken some photos, probably not the ones you have seen, those may have been taken by a professional photographer from Lincoln. I will get my galleries posted in the net few days.
  13. Hi Rose The rabbit on my avatar was a young wild rabbit I photographed in North Lincolnshire, I was surprised by its pale colour, I spotted a large white rabbit not far away, so maybe the rabbit was as a result of an escape. I am currently working on a gallery of various greyhounds / LGT events, I will put a bigger picture of the baby rabbit on the gallery. Kev is the best person to answer about how people can best help, sure he will be back soon. Grinder aka Dave
  14. Cosmetics and greyhounds, greyhounds are being exploited by bookies and now they are being exploited by high street cosmetic stores, whatever next. My two are exploiting me has they have nicked the sofa, I am relegated to the cheap seats.
  15. Hi RR Thanks for you kind offer. Hopefully Kevin, chairman and founder of LGT will see this and take up your offer, he is far better placed than me to know which hounds could do with more publicity to help them find forever homes. Thanks for your comment re a professional setup, I have only been involved for the last couple of years since we got our first hound, and I do relatively little. Others are out and about every week of the year publicising LGT, looking after hounds 7 days a week, coming up with ideas to raise funds to cover the ever increasing costs. Finding new homes etc. etc. Grinder
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