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  1. I want to sell some furniture which is in excellent condition. I am leaving the country and don't want to store it. Can anyone advise where to place Ads. Ebay is obvious but I was thinking of other places too cos I have quite a bit to get rid of.
  2. Trees are falling out by their roots and the foiliage is scorched. Branches are cracking off so I reckon the council are chopping them down before they fall down. The chemtrails (geoengineering) are killing them. Billions of tons of metal particulates are being sprayed into the sky 24/7. Over 300 species a day are dying.
  3. Does anybody know how I could gain experience at massage. I don't want to join a course but want to learn by practically giving massages without the coursework.
  4. I have just received a letter from Virgin Media saying my bill is going up by £4 in February 2014. I wondered if anyone could recommend an alternative provider. I want TV and Broadband connection. I think I am currently paying a lot for TV, Broadband and Telephone (approximately £45 per month) so I would be interested to know if this could be reduced. Many thanks
  5. Does anyone know were I can buy velcro sandpaper. I've just bought a palm sander from B&Q but it only had 3 pieces of velcro sand paper in the box even though it stated 3x that quantitiy on the sales pitch written on the outside. I am looking for size 106mm x 116mm.
  6. Does anyone know where I can get Quick Step 002 (French Oak) Laminate flooring. I originally bought it from Floors to go about 8 years ago. I have just had my attic room extended and need approx 8 square meters to cover the exposed floor, but I want it to match the rest of the room. Oh and it would be good if the supplier also delivers. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I was surfing the internet and came across this old post. I know Cindy/Cindelle Harris and was curious what it was about. I wonder if you could enlighten me?
  8. I don't have a car and have an old PC, printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse that I need to get rid of. Does anyone know of any place that reconditions computers for schools or other organisations that support people and might be able to pick it up from my home?
  9. Does anyone know of any ladies rowing clubs in Sheffield. I live near Dam Flask.
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies. I am going to my GP (for the second time) tomorrow and I will insist on being referred to a Consultant. I asked for this last time I went and they told me to 'come back in two weeks if it didnt get any better'. No offense to young people but the doctor looked about 18 and didn't seem to know much about ankles. She seemed to think it was ok if I had some flexion in it. My problem is I don't have the full range of movement and therefore can't walk down steps or run. I definitely need an MRI scan to see what damage has been done. I know from reading about ligaments that it takes longer than 3 months to heal but the healing seems to have reached a plateau and the swelling returns fairly frequently. I'm sick of taking anti-inflamatories!! Anyway, thanks again everyone.
  11. Hi Guys I slipped on the ice on 04/01 earlier this year and fractured (spiral fracture) my fibular, and I think I've sprained the ligaments in my lower leg and across my ankle. Although I am walking again I cant walk properly down steps or run. It does seem to be getting better but I need more info about what I have done to the ligaments. Initially I had Xrays at A&E where the fracture showed up and I have since been back to the fracture clinic and it was healing up well but my ankle and lower leg keep swelling periodically. Can anyone recommend a foot/ankle consultant in Sheffield? I'm getting worried about the time it's taking to heal. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi I am also interested in attending this bookclub. Is it ok if I come along as well on 15 July?
  13. Does anyone know of any funky hairdressers in Sheffield, or mobile hairdressers that are reasonably priced? I'm after a good cut and colour. I keep having it done at my local hairdressers and although it looks good when I leave the salon soon falls out of shape and the colour goes dull in no time. Anyone got any ideas?
  14. Can anyone recommend a salon or practitioner who does hair extensions? Cost is an issue cos I am a student. I am growing out a short haircut and its getting to the awkward stage.
  15. I've been to the spa once before and quite honestly it was really expensive.
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