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  1. This is just uninformed babble. And also wrong. Really, someone who spends so much time on here would be able to find out some facts.
  2. Birley Spa Bath House received a very substantial sum of Lottery funding a few years ago so there must have been a robust plan to use it at that point.
  3. Love this phrase! Imagine if those at the bottom rung of society had the power to impose anything on anyone. The rulers must be quaking.
  4. Very valid comments and I appreciate it can only be a range. In this case, a tiled, ridged roof.
  5. hi - an update on this thread from 6 years ago: what is the typical range for the cost of a full roof (covering) replacement in Sheffield for a 2-storey house?
  6. Yes, that's right. Higher earners don't have to pay as much of their income. if this "upper earnings limit" were abolished, it would be a fairer system and there would be more money for the NHS etc.
  7. No, 4 trees have already been removed [in 2015] The remaining 4 big trees are due to be removed. the current plan is to plant 11 new (younger) ones.
  8. Actually, the trees were removed by Amey under the terms of the PFI: the Planning Committee decided it had no power to stop the felling of the trees. Not everyone was convinced, mind you!
  9. Note that both Labour and LibDems were warned about the risks of a 25-year contract at the time by the Green councillors. See: http://archive.sheffieldgreenparty.org.uk/2008/10/01/greens-oppose-pfi-deal/ This was as early as October 2008.
  10. Certainly, it would be good to see someone independent-minded. But, seriously, are there no politics in business?
  11. The evidence is in the form of a massive building on Waingate. See the Friends of the Old Town Hall website at: http://sheffieldoldtownhall.co.uk/gallery/ for some pictures.
  12. It's a scheme to spend huge amounts extra on NHS administration just for the Government getting headline about being tough on foreigners. It will mostly affect those who can't possibly afford to pay anyway. Personally, i would prefer people with infectious or other diseases to get medical treatment than not.
  13. MPs deal with national issues. For local or Council issues, you can contact your local councillor. see http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/mgFindMember.aspx
  14. Yes, but that wouldn't make any difference. The Tories have no real presence in Sheffield and no councillors. So under the current voting system, voting for a Conservative in a local election makes no difference. The political parties on Sheffield Council are Labour, LibDem, Green and UKIP.
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