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  1. I love the 'running forward throwing arm punches' style, very nice
  2. Good luck with the show. Can you let me know what's planned for the buffet please, particularly the savoury options. Many Thanks
  3. Good work JoeP - I think the trouble causer has shown his colours.... again.
  4. http://www.sherdog.com/news/news.asp?n_id=7908 Interesting I thought, as there is a Royce Gracie school in Sheffield
  5. If your past record on the internet is anything to go by, you are the probably the casue of most politics
  6. I'd really like to see some ham salad sandwiches, and maybe corned beef and pickle?
  7. Poppycock. Keeping your guard up will simply serve to fatigue you're shoulders, how you gonna throw those big haymaker bombs with tired shoulders. And tucking in the chin will simply block off the airways, making it difficult to breath
  8. B'ah. Next you'll be telling me to keep your guard up in sparring - that simply tires out the shoulders, and leaves you open to attack.
  9. Nonsense. Bare knuckle sparring is the way forward. Sure, you might get one or two minor nicks, but at least you're going to learn pretty quickly to throw a punch correclty. At the very most, bandages should suffice. And headguards? Don't even get me started
  10. "AFK were not exactly made the top priority on this show. None of AFK's fighters photos or even names have been put on the poster." Why would any of your guys be on the poster if they're not fighting on the show?
  11. TUF 5 has already been filmed, coaches being BJ Penn and Jens Pulver. Pretty sure it weren't filmed round here either
  12. "And lastly, Chefkicker please let the guys from RGJJ put their own case across as your imput on bjj is embarassing!! Stick to what you know" lol
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