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  1. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/police-seal-off-sheffield-road-after-early-morning-attack-1-7280039
  2. My entry has now gone - good luck to all of you!
  3. Im entered into the half marathon but have a number of stress fractures in my foot which means I cant run it. If anyone wants an entry for half the price let me know - we can transfer the details to yours easlily online. I have the envelope through but havent even opened it yet!! I haope someone can get some use out of it! PM me if interested
  4. I can only comment on Hillsborough branches of both Blundells and haybrook. Sold through Haybrook and bought through Blundells and have to say Haybrook were great but Blundells needed chasing every other day to do what they said they were going to. I put my house on in May 2010 and was in new house in July 2010 - Im not sure its down to estate agents but sold to the third viewer in first week and that was that. The speed of transaction from thereonin though was down to daily calls to Haybrook and ringing Blundells myself rather than waiting for Haybrook to - even at one point going to the house I was buying to deliver the documents for signing and collecting them the next day (it was a strange situation but made it happen pretty quickly which im sure wouldnt have done if left to their own devices.) Seems I am in the minority but I was happy with Haybrook - and hope not to have to sell/ buy a house again so dont have to deal with any again!!!
  5. The focus of the posts seems to be alcohol but I think entertainment is licensable too - so if as Skate says they will give beer away for free, this would be fine but only if sitting in a room with no live or recorded music!! Police are the only ones who can object to temporary event notices and imagine they very well would - ooh and also confused by the presumption in Skates post that if the place is taken over they 'would be granted a licence' - well not necessarily, surely the Police or anyone else could again object and the licensing council make a decision, which may include grant, but might not? Its all a sad mess and I feel for the people who have bookings but if I were you I would be getting your own advice rather than listening to posters on here, including Skate, or the Star who couldnt get things right if they tried!
  6. Just wandered into town for sales mooch and division street is cordoned off from carver street to just after lloyds with police car on one of The streets off it. Other than the car no police presence at all. Anyone know what's happenned- and I hope it's not more drinking related trouble like the other night on carver street- I sing the praises on sheffields safe city centre and hope that can continue!
  7. I have always used Shaun Fitzakerly (sorry if spelled wrong). He replastered our old house and redid every ceiling in the new one. Couldnt recommend him enough - his number is 07759138222
  8. can anyone recommend someone who will fit a IKEA kitchen? There will also be plastering to be done and possibly some electric bits and bobs - mainly once old one is removed. Not a massive kitchen but theres a gas hob to go in too. Hoping to get it fitted mid May. Any recommendations appreciated!
  9. Yeah how will this improve traffic - I can see it will be better for pedestrians but the loop at the top of Malin Bridge/ Loxley New Road is going to be awful - and its going to be harder to filter onto this loop from Rivelin, Stannington, and to a lesser extent, Loxley with the pedestrian crossings. That bloody bus still stops on Loxley New Rd in the mornings and cars parked on there stop both lanes being usable. And since when do/ will/ can the Council implement a scheme such as this in 6 months before the school opens? Surely work on this should have started when works on the school started?
  10. If you are in the catchment for these schools you will find yourself near the top of the waiting list, if not the top. Theres alot of movement with allocations at this time and you might find yourself with a place as someone else takes one elsewhere. Still you can, and should, appeal explaining the situation
  11. surely First cover the wall on their insurance as it was their vehicle that caused damage regardless of driver and First insurance then try to chase idiots (sorry 'pranksters') who did it- its not for teh homeowners insurance to cover IMO
  12. ooh would you let me know what they say? Thank you
  13. So postponed now to 12th December - which I (as Im sure many others) cant do. Does anyone have any idea how we get in touch with the organisers to see whats what - the website information is very sparse!
  14. I can only comment as a veggie and on the set menu but cheese on toast for starter and cheese sarnie as a main was hardly thoughtful, innovative or inspirational!! (they obv werent called cheese on toast or cheese sarnie but thats what they are in effect!)
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