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  1. Thanks, I've sent a pm to grenhouse
  2. Hi, does anyone know where I can buy coturnix quail in or close to sheffield. I'm looking for 4 hens, preferably Pol, but would consider slightly older hens. I already keep chickens but can't seem to find quail anywhere.
  3. Ive got an unopened 10kg bag of excel adult rabbit pellets free to good home. Had to have my rabbit pts and my other rabbit refuses to eat these!
  4. I'm looking for a female baby guinea pig, not really picky over breed. If anyone has any could you post details/pictures please . Thanks
  5. Try asking for the colour you want, i did that before with one of their other glass freebies and if they didnt have the colour i wanted they told me what they did have in stock.
  6. Got some new pics of him. He spent the first day pretty much sat still, but has now perked up and been running around his hutch and hes been in the run when the rain stopped yesterday and this morning (not on the grass tho cos that was still wet). Hes so friendly and comes up to say hello and have his head rubbed when u go up to the hutch. http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/scaryclaire/DSCF5130.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/scaryclaire/DSCF5124.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/scaryclaire/DSCF5120.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/scaryclaire/DSCF5118.jpg
  7. Picked him up today, hes a bit scared at the moment and is settling into his new hutch. Hopefully he will perk up soon once hes had chance to get used to his new surroundings and routine. Piccy here - http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/scaryclaire/36354_1525074204142_1153242319_1528.jpg (not a brilliant pic, took it quickly on my phone) His names Gizmo
  8. Thanks, I thought he might be too old for castration but was just going on what all the books say about it. Ill get some pics on when hes arrived!
  9. Hi all, Im rehoming a rabbit very soon from a friend, she lives away at university and her parents wont look after the rabbit so hes not been fed properly, cleaned out or let out of his hutch. Hes approx 7years old and from the sounds of it he has spent most of his life in the hutch. She doesnt think hes ever been vaccinated but is not sure so im going to book him in for the VHD and Myxomatosis vacs asap as we have a lot of wild rabbits around my area and ive seen some with myxomatosis in the past. Ive bought a large hutch and already have plenty of runs as i own quite a few guinea pigs, Also i dont think hes been castrated so is that something i should do? Or would it be too much for him since hes 7? What sort of toys do rabbits like that i could put in his hutch for him? Dont think he has any at the moment so it might be good for him to get some. I dont know what breed he is, all i know at the moment is hes large and brown... Quite excited now, hopefully he will be arriving on monday.
  10. What about other animals too? I don't have a cat but i have a pic of my snake and 2 of my guinea pigs on facebook.
  11. I get bales of hay from my local pet shop, i tell him when i need one and he brings me one as he doesn't stock them. I paid £5 last time i got one but i think they may have gone up a little along with everything else. I have 11 pigs to feed but it still lasts ages.
  12. I feel bad now cos i shaved my Merino & Peruvian piggies the other day and its gone chilly, they live indoors but i have stuffed extra hay into their beds just in case they get cold.
  13. Is there no way you could repair the broken bar either by soldering it or using duct tape..not the best looking thing to use but it would stop any broken edges being sharp and stick the break?
  14. Yh, i cut bits up and put them in a small dish, covered it in water and froze it. i wasn't sure how they would react to it but they decided to bite it and didn't seem too bothered that it was frozen
  15. I re homed 3 female guinea pigs from here ages ago, think it may have been about 2 years ago now..could be more im not too sure. Heres a piccy of them enjoying their carrot and cucumber lolly last summer - http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/scaryclaire/grave004.jpg They are now renamed lily, Lottie and Lola. Lily is the brown & white, Lola is the black & white and Lottie is the white.
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