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  1. ? How far? Sorry don't understand. I've not seen one all morning along Norton lees road.
  2. Anyone know if the 20 is running along Norton Lees Road?
  3. The Pope is not God's representative on Earth. This is a common misconception. The Pope is a head of state and as such taxpayers should contribute to his visit as they would with any head of state visit. Other countries do the same when our head of state visits them. As far as I'm aware the Pope is also here on business. The Pope was invited to visit. The Catholic church are contributing a large amount towards his visit even though he is a head of state. Also, what a lot of you have failed to think about is the fact that his visit will generate income in this country. Any visit of this scale involves people coming over to this country spending money. Also people who live here will travel to see him and spend money. Spending money in small businesses that need money at the moment. It is likely that the income generated by his visit will be more than the cost to the taxpayer for his visit. i.e. this country will profit from his visit. It is an important visit to many catholics. Surely this is a win win situation? Get over your prejudices people!
  4. Good advise, although I've never heard that platinum needs to be plated. I have a platinum engagement ring and it has stayed the same colour, it just gets a natural patina on it after a while, which in most people's opinion is a nice look. It should never need to be rhodium plated, just polished if you want the shine back. White gold on the other hand like you've said does need to be plated. It loses it's whiteness (due to the fact that essentially white gold doesn't exist, it's made) and will start to go yellow. Hence getting it dipped. It can be expensive when you have to do this regularly. I have friends who moan about this! Platinum is much harder wearing than white gold, hypoallergenic (white gold depending on where its from could have nickel in its mix), but more expensive. However, if investing in a diamond, it is worth considering having it set in a metal that will be hard wearing. Some people who opt for gold have platinum claws fors instance. A cheaper alternative to platinum is palladium. The 'new platinum'. Hard wearing and also naturally white so doesn't need to be dipped. Lots of people starting to opt for this now as a good compromise. As for the question of cost and who picks it, that is the big question. Depends what you want, can afford etc. I am fussy, so we chose my ring together (or rather he was there but I picked the setting!). We bought a diamond and had it set. He wouldnt have dared choose one and surprise me! The fact we looked at the diamonds together and chose it makes it special. In years to come if I ever went off the design I would consider resetting the diamond. The diamond is the symbol of us not the actual ring if that makes sense. Check out http://www.bluenile.co.uk if you are considering this option. They are brilliant, although I didn't actually buy from there, I know people who have. The site also has lots of advise on the 4Cs. I went and looked at some to choose mine. A lot fo high street shops overprice their rings and sell lesser quality diamonds with inclusions and lower colour.
  5. Thanks for the replys and advice everyone. Waddy - no I haven't got it sorted yet, been on hols so just getting back into the swing of things! Gonna ring round asap. LizG2008 - thanks for website and please do let me know how you get on with Burdetts. I'd be interested to have an idea of cost. Strix - I know what you are saying however my guests are my basically all my family and I think, like KATIEB_23 said, they'd be appreciative of the thoughtful gesture. I've been left stranded at weddings and it's a pain! Bradfield is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and we've been warned you can't just ring for a taxi late on a Saturday night. Car share wouldn't work because it would lead to people not being able to drink! My family like their drink!!! I really can't see that any of them would want to 'pop' back to the hotel as it would be a 40min round trip!! At the end of the day, if they really wanted to leave earlier than the end it wouldn't be a problem, the coach would be paid for regardless, they'd just have to sort themselves out. I will certainly think about coach versus 2 mini-buses though so cheers for advice. KATIEB_23 - I know what you mean about 'telling' them where to stay. My family have all started asking about accommadation. What I've actually done is approached several hotels in Sheffield and got deals on room rates for a large group booking and for private dining the night before the wedding. My family don't have to stay in the hotel but I think most will go for the room rates I got and also it will be nice for them all to be in the same place to catch up with each other before and after the wedding as they are travelling from all over the world! If anyone is reading this, it's definately worth approaching hotels like this. Much cheaper! If you don't mind digging out the wording you spoke of that would be great, then everyone's happy! I'll let you know how I get on
  6. I'm getting married next year at Bradfield Village Hall and have quite a few family members coming from outside Sheffield so we're looking at putting everyone in the same hotel in the centre of town. As such I thought it would be a good idea to hire a coach to get them to Bradfield and back at the end of the night. Currently there are approx 30 people needing this transport. I'm not sure how many seats on a coach but I'm sure the spare seats would get filled by friends! Any ideas how much this might cost and what companies are good to try?
  7. Yeah thanks for your helpful and constuctive reply!
  8. Didn't find one, stayed in and watched it in the end!
  9. Depending on how much time you have and money you could order one from: dollydagger http://www.dollydagger.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=PTT3&cat=8 or Vivien of Hollyway http://www.vivienofholloway.com//index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=29&Itemid=29 although it doesn't look like they have any at the mo but you could look at their shop on ebay.
  10. It's this Saturday, anyone know anywhere showing all of it??
  11. Wow, this thread has been on the go for quite some time now. Looking back over everyone's stories I really hope the sucess stories are still going on. Can we have some updates from the previous posters? Would love to know how you're all getting on. I'm pleased to say it is my 3 year anniversary today of stopping smoking. I have not touched one. No sneaky drunken lapses! I've been through happiness, stress, sadness, etc etc and not one of the occassions made me feel the need to reach for a ciggie. I'm dead proud of myself.
  12. Hello Thanks for the mention and for remembering lil' old me. I was one of the originals from the early days of this forum and I used to post a lot with many of the people mentioned on here. I had a few run ins with T020!!! I do still pop on here and float around, I just don't seem to have much time to post anymore! Draggletail - look out for a post I will make on the 11th May! You'll know what I'm talking about if I say Allen Carr RIP
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