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  1. Well done on your new job:D I too have found new employment,and unfortunately its in devon,but hey all that sun sea and sand. wont bother with a leaving do tho cos i leave tonight to start on monday. been a laugh here tho take care all:thumbsup:
  2. yes cos they are advertised as not genuine,unlike your market trader who tries to sell you them as the real thing. rather than just destroy them,trading standards pass them on to charity which is a good idea i think
  3. Yup certainly do....... in fact,worth giving the childrens society shop in hillsborough a plug, they sell counterfiet designer clothes that have been donated to them by trading standards. so you can get that trendy look at a fraction of the price and help the kids at the same time. i also support the childrens hospital
  4. Being a member of other groups/forums,my wife and i have attended meets all over the country,and we have had great weekends everytime. Half the fun is not knowing whose going to be there. weve met with students,families,old,young,age has never been a problem,the one thing that binds us all together is the common interest we all have, ie we are members of the same group/forum. maybe the original post was unfortunately worded,but i would have thought a meet should be a meet of all members that want to come. trying to exclude(or appear to exclude) a certain catagory of member only leads to this sort of reaction from those feeling left out. it depends on if you want members to relate to each other and feel part of something or just be an online discussion shop with inner cliques just a thought :D ps im 41 cant dance to save my life but still know how to have a good time:thumbsup:
  5. sorry Andy, but captain John Edward Smith was from Hanley,Stoke on Trent
  6. I too served in the Falklands(active) aboard HMS Cordella,which was a stern trawler converted into a mine sweeper. Like ian ,i lost some good friends on other ships, including a school friend. when it was over and i got to see Argentine soldiers in port stanley, i can say i felt little animosity towards them,they were mainly kids. sure it wasnt a very pleasant experience,but it had to be done. i can see how such anger can result in the actions of a few after loosing mates,but it doesnt excuse the actions of these individuals,and i hope the blurred pictures reported to be of UK soldiers turn out to be false,OUR armed forces are better than that.
  7. The car ashtray is usually a good source of long tab ends when your desperate:thumbsup:
  8. this would explain why anyone who disagrees with you is a racist bigot and oft BNP supporter then i dont mind in any shape or form people disagreeing with me,as has been said,what suits Mr A may be abhorrent to Mr B. but i feel i must agree that certainly race has come across as a major issue with you, sorry if i mis-interpreted your post,but being called a racist twice in the same thread usually means you have an issue with it
  9. I already do Killian,i usually hoover it out when the pile reaches about 3 inches high lol
  10. i am a smoker,and quite a heavy one too. i try where possible not to smoke in the presence of non smokers when out and about,and always either move or put it out if requested. would a ban on smoking in public include driving your car? fine in the street or on trains buses planes etc i could live with that,but i love a fag when driving:D
  11. isnt there some ruling about not needing planning permission if they are under a certain height,i may be wrong,probably am.
  12. I voted yes because i believe some crimes are so disgusting there can be no justification for allowing the offender to continue to breathe.but tho i believe in capital punishment,i dont think it will ever be used here for the reasons stated in other posts,that is the mistakes that cannot be corrected. if life meant life(ie lock em up and throw away the key) then there would be no nead for it. Unfortunately there are too many do gooders who believe these people are basically nice people really and deserve compassion. how many here think ian huntley aint such a bad guy really, or how many like me think he should be shown the same compassion he showed to jessica and holly. if we cant execute them then build a prison that they will never ever see the outside of again. forget re-habilitation, and that includes the two that murdered jamie bulger,who are now living very nicely at our expense.
  13. They also get a free travel warrant to their home city
  14. while out and about in the lonlgley area,delivering my avon(yeah i know but hey,i need the exercise) i came across a young man knocking on doors claiming to be ex homeless and selling what appeared to be tat from a holdhall. he got more aggressive as it appeared he wasnt going to make a sale,and repeated this procedure at every door he knocked at. He also only seemed to be targeting the elderly as he walked passed any houses where couples and men were. round the corner was a van with others from this mans group who proceeded to hurl insults at anyone passing. when i got my mobile out they legged it. when i was down ecclesfield later that day,f**k me if i didnt see the same group doing the same thing and again targeting the elderly,only this time singing anti-sheffield football songs as the walked down the street(apparently they support forest) be warned people,and those of you with elderly relatives not to open the door to anyone without id first. this lot looked real thugs. they might have been legit or may have been casing the area,but whatever their motives,their sales technique sucked big time
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