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  1. No, DPD. I've usually had them dispatched next working day with delivery the day after that.
  2. I've used Randox a few times and never had an issue. Those are £43 if you use the discount code BritishAirways43. Purchase it ahead of travelling so you can add the booking reference to your return to the UK Passenger Locator Form and either take it to your nearest drop box (there's one on London Road) or use the included DX courier label. If those options don't work you can send it Tracked24 via a Royal Mail Priority Post Box but that will be at your own expense - it's around a fiver to Northern Ireland where they're based. If you want convenience, have a look at Collinson and book it to do at the airport on your arrival before you head home. It doesn't have to be conducted on Day 2, it's at any point from the moment of arrival (Day 0) until the end of your second day (Day 2). Use discount BA20OFF to get a Collinson Day 2 PCR for £55.20.
  3. Yup, NPAS have four fixed wing aircraft based at Doncaster (like this one - https://www.flickr.com/photos/62940958@N05/50128165098), the advantage of these being that they're more capable so can be deployed for much longer periods of time and cover a far greater area - they're also cheaper to operate and maintain than helicopters.
  4. The first 195s started working out of Sheffield on the Leeds-Sheffield-Nottingham/Lincoln circuit yesterday, a second one is out today with more being added through the week. From next week they'll operate the majority of services on that route as well as some of the Leeds stopping services at the start/ends of service. Sampled my first yesterday, it's in a different league to anything else Northern currently have.
  5. The TramTrain involved is back in service - sort of, the undamaged third of this one (204) has been married up to the undamaged two thirds of the one involved in the second accident (202) to create a hybrid 202. The now completely broken one will be sent back to Spain I believe to be rebuilt as new.
  6. It is exactly the same place, 399202 involved this time. Believe to have hit a car, damage doesn't look as bad as 204 and it appears to have remained on the rails.
  7. What actually happened was the driver apparently locked himself out of the cab and they had to send a key by road.
  8. Only 4 out of the 7 have the different wheels, the other 3 can and do go everywhere on the network. I live on Park Grange Road and they do make a distinctly different noise, it's much more of a grinding rumble compared to the usual squeal of the Siemens ones - I suspect the extra 20t of weight per vehicle contributes somewhat to that!
  9. The service will be the TT service (which fits with some of the testing that's shown a red TT on the front), timetables are now available on the Stagecoach Bus site - https://tis-kml-stagecoach.s3.amazonaws.com/PdfTimetables/XQATT00.pdf
  10. There was a chap having a discussion about Tram-Train on the tram with the conductor this morning that turned quite heated when the conductor pointed out that the mans monthly megarider wouldn't be valid on the new service - nor apparently would weekly/daily ones... surely that's not the case?
  11. This is the aircraft you saw, it was in various holds approaching Manchester for nearly an hour due to weather as stated above. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PpaXl1sKpVb0LYFRdTI_qKPs4ulFzVwg/view?usp=drivesdk (UTC time is 1 hour behind BST)
  12. Details of replacement services for the upcoming strike are now available. https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2018/july/st-strike-action Bus/Tram services as before only run between 0700 - 1900, and this time on Saturday/Sunday the only trams running will be on the Blue Route between the Station and Malin Bridge (at an advertised 20 minute frequency) so I suspect they're putting as much capacity as they can rustle up into serving Hillsborough for Tramlines.
  13. Further to the 30 minute frequency there, they are currently operating at a 15 minute frequency but are unable to guarantee that will continue through the day.
  14. Not entirely unexpected, this one will also coincide with Northern being on strike on the 21st July.
  15. Strikes announced for Monday 9th and Thursday 12th July. No tram services will operate, replacement buses will run on a reduced schedule between 0700-1900.
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