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  1. We paid an up front fee with a certain estate agent and had the worse 12 weeks of our lives with them not doing anything! We moved after the fixed 12 weeks and went with Saxton Mee and negotiated the price down and didn't get tied into any contract and sold within a week. You can definitely negotiate and don't get fobbed off with what they say initially. Go with what you're happy with.
  2. Message debo1 as he came and collected things we were getting rid of. He does house clearances so will probably be able to help you.
  3. Try Thompson and Thomas at fairlawns on middlewood road in Hillsborough. All their dentists are trainees although I think final year students but worth a try.
  4. Monica Hewitt on middlewood road every time. Never let us down yet.
  5. I know there are old threads about this but looking for some more up to date info. Can anyone recommend a karate, or similar, class for my 6 year old son to try in Hillsborough please. He's a complete novice and is interested in giving it a go. Any info greatly appreciated.
  6. Considering they're now closing a couple of M&S places and I believe one of them is the food hall on Ecclesall Road, I'm not sure they'll open one at Kilner Way anytime soon.
  7. I always go to Wilkinson's. One in city better choice.
  8. See you can get them on ebay but at a premium!
  9. Have you tried the lego shop in Hillsborough?
  10. Driving out to meadowhall this morning from Hillsborough around 10am and the traffic was stopped by 2 police bikes with lights flashing, followed by two Land Rovers the another 2 police bikes heading towards Page Hall presumably heading into town or Hillsborough way. Anybody have an idea if we had an important visitor today?
  11. But it's a good taster to see if you have sea legs.
  12. Take a mini cruise from Hull to Amsterdam or similar and see how you feel. We're going tomorrow for 2 nights and 1 day there for only £50 each. Might be a good taster.
  13. They've lowered the parking time to 1.5 hours from 2 hours so she might have got caught out if over the 1.5 but under 2.
  14. I went into the city today purely to find 2 of the elephants near the Henderson's old factory. Parked up and knew I'd only be 10 minutes so tried to press the green button for a 15 minute ticket but couldn't. Had to pay £1 to park for 10 minutes! These elephants are starting to cost a lot if money in quick parking tickets! !
  15. No we're owners of house backing onto the grounds so not in the block. Might have to go round and ring some doorbells but you're never sure what you're going to get doing that do you!
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