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  1. It is not really that hard. You just need to wake up and these old habits will drop. The habitual behaviour of elderly could be used as a reminder to not be sleepwalking in life.
  2. Are you sure that is a problem in the whole area or just your house? If it is really in the whole area start with the supplier. If it's just your house check all valves and pipes for blockage or leaks. No simple magic valve that increases water pressure.
  3. It's very representative of the area, Sheffield is a stoney city now. They be cheaper than the water features that need constant water running.
  4. Thanks, I was really curious, closing the stop tap a bit does not really lower the pressure while all taps are closed. But it could possibly create a short moment when the pressure in the house is slightly lowered when the tap is running. Then making it easier to tighten it in the brief moment before that pressure is back at maximum again. When water pressure breaks equipment or the leak is at joints or connectors then reducing the supply won't solve the problem.
  5. What type of leak was that spildig if I may ask, what kind of connetion. I'm curious.
  6. It is more like a cruise control when you compare the constant speed with pressure and flow rate with gas pedal control, it keeps the pressure (speed) constant but when demand increases (going uphill?) it opens the valve further to supply that demand at that constant speed pressure.
  7. If you love it there is YouTube material on pressure reducing valves. Most of them are for gas supply but water pressure regulators work similar. youtube example The big difference versus the play with the stop tap joke is that the regulator opens further when you need more water and closes completely when you don't need water at a preset lower pressure you set not allowing the pressure to rise anymore but opening fully when kitchen bathroom toilet, lawn need water all at same time.
  8. It slows the flow by reducing the diameter of the supply. When you use water in the house that flow is reduced a little and could reduce pressure a little because the pressure gets a relief out of the open tap. As soon as all taps are closed the pressure becomes exactly the same as at the supply tap again. If it worked for you the pressure was probably not that high anyway and you didn't really need to play games with the stop tap in the first place. A proper reducer valve doesn't slow down or reduce the supply. It only reduces the pressure properly and doesn't allow that pressure to go back up at any point.
  9. The reducer can be put on the pipe where it enters inside the house. I mean a proper pressure reducer, carosio comments are right.
  10. You need to be more religious. Chanting is very helpful. "Oh lord give me a magic parking space, please lord just one special magic parking space" and you find one in seconds.
  11. Like ez8004 said. If they don't reduce it get a reducer valve installed. The valve itself cost round about £30 if you need a plumber they also charge for it, shouldn't be a big job.
  12. There are people who live in some fantasy world thinking that city centre should be like meadowhall or some supermarket when deciding to drive there. Then they cry and blame the small amount they pay to park their show off vehicles for shops that are now empty. These people think they are in control and see themselves as the centre who will save everything including closing stores. None of these drivers who abandoned the city centre are really in touch with it they think they are important people who are the saviours for these closing shops. In meanwhile they refuse to even pay a little to leave their 4by4.
  13. So the tiny little change someone pays for parking is going to be spent in shops and save them? I just see some people who cannot even afford parking, are they going to get these empty shops back to life?
  14. I remember parking from my childhood, my parents giving me some change and I put it in the timer and turn the handle and the dial moved and started ticking. One week after I got my driver license got a parking ticket. Free parking is some fantasy that is not going to happen. Shops will depend on normal people who pay or take a taxi or other transport.
  15. There is no free parking in city centre. Only in your dreams. Or park at old castle market N side of wilko. It's a fifteen minute walk from the moor.
  16. Free parking would attract many lower class people who drive to the city centre.
  17. If you are too high a class to take a bus or tram. Call a taxi, you don't need to worry about parking and can have a few drinks as well, support local business instead of parking department. Or cycle.
  18. A name is just a name. Call it anything you want it will be same place even if you call it something else.
  19. Current global environmental directives are to reduce car movements in cities, not to make it harder to use public transport! There are several brands, shops that are not represented in Sheffield. Its attractiveness is at the edge at the point it is sometimes better to go somewhere else instead. More homes for people to live in the city is great, lots of people waiting on the streets already. Don't know about the jobs, don't think the majority of these new jobs created these days are prosperitive ones.
  20. The walking route from train bus station to moor needs to be improved, more welcoming, decorated. They don't feel connected like they did with with fargate. It's a shame there is no decent tram connection. Bus routes are very complicated for visitors. New plans should not be made on basis of more cars coming to the city.
  21. A lot is being spent moving it all and it only benefits people from southern part of the city. Making it significant worse for others to connect with moor than it was to go to fargate. I use M&S but if they move to moor will stop using them in city centre.
  22. That's a very unique interesting idea. British logic isn't going to fix this, this common logic has solved many puzzles but lacks the common sense needed to understand the basics. One of these basics is that if I walk from train station to fargate there is a presentable route, pretty pleasant to walk on, could go through millennium. That walk says welkom to sheffield If I walk from station to our new centre its nothing like it, that walk is worse than (sensored). That walk makes you wonder you go right way.
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