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  1. Canal is a bit frozen, wouldn't skate on it.
  2. On channel 4 news they were using government figures saying that outdoor sleeping had reduced 2%. Don't know where these figures come from or if someone made a genuine mistake somewhere, it didn't appear connected with reality.
  3. Government pretty confused and don't know what's going on, their cuts are worse than he did at Mc D.
  4. Still have a video recorder, haven't used it for long long time. I actually look at my DVD thinking same thing will happen to it as well.
  5. Happens to me all the time when explaining such things. Sheffield is Sheffield and looking any further is a form of dropping out. Few western buses are state run now. But many states have a very tight grip on how these private companies are run.
  6. I think part of the issue lies in that people here call their country great. this started at a time when it was doing very well. Over time it has been difficult to keep up and lots of feelings are hurt when reminded it's great but not the greatest anymore. Nothing wrong with that, just took another great pacer to my destination today. Just because it's old and out of date doesn't make it bad. Have a look on Wikipedia, they were only supposed to last twenty years but are still running, something to be proud of. Knowing what new trains are like makes me question the real intentions of northern to its customers and personel. Send the complaints somewhere else, this has nothing to do with the strikes or delays in getting new trains.
  7. The pacers were supposed to be replaced and leased to another company last year. Problem after problem, delays and we are still waiting. I am well aware that we are in a culture that lives in the thoughts of what the future should be like while they keep using old pacers today in the present moment. Thinking a new train is coming is not the same thing as actually seeing one drive to the station and open its doors to you. Even though I am aware that the new trains are planned and are seriously delayed now. In my world I will not say they are here until they actually replaced the old pacers on my routes in Yorkshire. These old pacers have such fun comical seating and interior and make such an old fashioned noise on the tracks, it makes me laugh, they are a joke upon themselves. That is probably what makes the connections to similar laughs I had in India. Annie, you know nothing about that little line and need to do better research. You seem to be more interested in trolling than seeing that these brand new trains also tilt driving in corners to take them 15% faster. I never mentioned that old little line to argue about speed, trains only go round 100km/h on there and it waits a long time in middle for another connection. If you live in some mental speedy racetrack you missed the point, I simply mentioned they had brand new trains at least four time over last 20 years.
  8. Word are for philosophy, I'll enjoy new trains when they are here now in reality, not in some dream future. I never said Yorkshire train are same but for some reason they keep reminding of journeys I made in India more so than journeys made in Japan, America, canada, Germany, france.
  9. Factual procedures in England consist of lots of meaningless talk with little action. If that soothes your worries because in your mind you think a new train is coming good for you. Last twenty five years my family has come here every time saying "unbelievable are they still using these old trains, do they still work?" On few of my visits to family I have been surprised without any announcements or pre-knowledge, " wow I thought that train was only few years old, they get a new one already?" If northern could pay £580m for trains why cant they resolve a simple button argument with personnel? Personally I don't mind the old trains, they bring up very pleasant memories of journeys I made in India.
  10. My mother passed a driver with a tenner in her hand ready to pay and the driver waved her through cause he didn't have the time to process all payments at the front door..
  11. Speed of that little line doesn't matter it goes a lot faster than you say. They got brand new trains several times recently while we stay in history. Personally I see some charming aspects in it and appreciate the historic old fashioned trains we use in Yorkshire. Every time I get on one of these poorly refurbished trains with old fashioned seats it is a reminder of how important it is to appreciate the beauty of life. This refusal to move on and buy new trains also leaves us with some special unique identity, visiters love it, it feels like they traveled back in time.
  12. Do a little exercise. Go to google and search for spain trains and open and look at the images section Do the same for French trains, then German trains, Italian trains, look at the images section Then do a search for british trains and look at the images section, or go to Sheffield station in person. If you haven't woken up by then its not my problem. That line I mentioned earlier was Apeldoorn/zutphen but in all fairness it had three owners last 20 years what made the changes of rollingstock. The current owner (ariva) is very good at buying brand new better rolling stock.
  13. There are places on this world where trains are smooth silent and comfortable. But England has not caught up yet. These strikes keep on going and it doesn't seem to make any difference. It's about who closes the doors of trains that are years out of date like some third world country. You put old diesel trains like that in other developed western countries and people refuse to ride them out of respect for the environment and demand better value for their money. I know one such little line in EU where they use diesels and have used newer better trains every five years, each time showing surprising improvement in quality and comfort with cleaner engines. Most people here are not aware how bad their trains are stuck in the past.
  14. They are more concerned that driver check everyone has a valid ticket than so called concern for safety.
  15. Say what you want. Im back on our old out of date boomers. NS is not having crisis they get all electrical power from environmental friendly sources. When I was there all trains to the airport were replaced by comfortable coaches for upgrading and maintenance of the tracks. English travelers don't know what crisis is cause it's stuck in the eighties.
  16. Just had another visit to our eastern neighbours who call a train old fashioned and finishes that we would call new and modern here. Where you get a full refund on train ticket only if the train is delayed due to company negligence. (there is an easy procedure for this refund and there are no sneaky ways for the train company to lie like we would have here because many delays are due to natural storm or jumpers). Don't see the excuse how these tickets are twice as expensive here on old fashioned trains. Thing is people here don't understand this because they live on an isolated island watching old steam trains on BBC on how great things were. No BBC program on how far behind it is now. These strikes are just another clear display on how crystallised things have become here.
  17. I was asked for change eight times yesterday. I can tell you as well. Look in a mirror and you see an ordinary person.
  18. Not exactly 99%. It also depends what type of people you interact with. But the odds are indeed higher someone had a drink or something else silly on West st.
  19. Appeal it and worse case scenario take it to court asking the judge to be reasonable.
  20. I just look at wind direction to verify accuracy or trustworthyness of forecast.
  21. Traffic was really bad today in city centre. There was a united game but lots of this traffic was also people from town. Guess many were there who would have taken train otherwise.
  22. These cash converter places are so British. It's the UK version of the junk cycling in Amsterdam asking everyone if they want to buy his bicycle for a tenner.
  23. When in meditation a natural warm feeling of blissfulness arises from nowhere, no such thing as guilt there. Social kindness such as giving to a charity can come naturally from the heart or artificially from your mind through a conditioned social contract. When it comes from the mind guilt and embarrassment will be there putting pressure on the ego.
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