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  1. If it was the motor I know what it was and solved that for 30.- They have a very very common problem.
  2. Old machines use lots of relays and they get stuck often. I have family over this week but could possibly take a good look at it next week. First do wat carlton says.
  3. Just fixed my girlfriends punto powersteering for £30. Just needed a new relayswitch. I am pretty good with electronics dont think everybody could do it like that. It is worth checking if soldering on the power assist motor is still in good condition good chance it is that and easy and cheap to fix before you spend a fortune. I have seen punto steer assist motors where soldering has molted and disappeared in the heat.
  4. They were about to sell a TV to someone else. They stopped the sale and raced away when they realised I made a note of their license. They looked more like crimenals than robin hoods to me. Robin hood did not charge for things and gave them to poor for free.
  5. Had someone knock on the door asking me if I wanted a LCD TV for half price. They claimed to do this licensed but when I wrote down the license number of their van they were negotiating to sell a TV to someone else on road. When they asked me why I wrote it down I said Ill call their friends at yorkshire police and they stopped selling, closed the doors and raced away. I could not avoid not being seen and they were very suspicious when I looked down at their license plate. These people need to be locked up and nobody should ever buy these things sold at random door to door. Just hope someone will call police in time when they are there and get them in time.
  6. If you start using buses. Make sure you have the busstop information programmed with internet acces on your mobile so you never wait long. http://sypte.acislive.com/pip/stop_simulator.asp?naptan= (after the=you put the number of the stop. that number is printed on the stop schedule information) for example: crucible 75, 76, 88 live information http://sypte.acislive.com/pip/stop_simulator.asp?naptan=37022857 Put the stops you use in your favourites websites and can save a lot of time and frustration.
  7. If you are burngeave firth park area I can check it for free. Only problem I dont drive anymore and only take buses. Thats why I stopped being full time gas fitter. Sounds like a rather small leak if it is one. When I did this CORGI pro I used to charge £40 minimum for any gas work.
  8. That chopper can go round and round firth park sometimes and is pretty loud.
  9. I have driven for 20 years. Now I cannot drive because my doctor told me to stop. All those years I have treated them busses with respect and they show smiles and tap their brakes or show hand, thank you. Now I know some (not all) treat their own customers like undergrated garbage. I respond to this by pointing my finger down like I tell a dog to sit down when I need them. Here!!!! Sit!!!! Look them in the eyes like your worse teacher ever would to you and they behave. Show them who is the boss. A good book and it is as good as driving. Mobile internet and you never have to wait for them.
  10. No they will stop doing it from leeds afternoon as of next week
  11. The presenters and topics at radio sheffield are much better than the commercial stations but unfortunately they are not in charge of their own music.
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