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  1. Meditation is not an achievment. It comes naturally and then meditation happens. You witness, watch with awareness everything that is there. As you are now witnissing it, thinking still happens but what you call I is no longer the thinker, you are watching the process with awareness. By witnissing, watching with awareness the proces of meditation starts effordless, nothing to find or achieve just see what happens and have a deep trust meditation comes naturally, it is your nature you never lost it, just forgotten. Meditation is simple and useless. It does not get you anywhere and gives beautifull experiences that are useless because when it comes you no longer identify with ego. If you are really interested, "Eckart Tolle" is an american still alive who has taken meditation to the point of explosion, just google him, he is more in touch with western society than my previous link.
  2. A friend has been burgled near Firth park. Someone saw the people that did it. Both skinny white males about 6ft. One had a shaved head wearing a white tracksuit top with a red line vertically along each sleeve. The other was wearing a dark top with hood. They both had rucksacks. Do you recognise the description of these two men walking together in the S5 firth park area?
  3. Meditation is easy and comes, grows naturally. It is easy but it needs courage and strength to leave a lot of old beliefs behind. It does help to contact people with real experience, only if you are prepared to lose everything you have, does meditation give you all it has got without effort. Meditation is so easy it feels like difficult and confusing at first but it just needs little time and courage to grow. It is not so much about how you feel. All feelings become an item of meditation, witnessing and you are no longer a victim of emotions. Meditation is not a job, it does not give you something, it helps to remove all that is false in beliefs and identifications. That brings experiences of blissfulness but you cannot claim or say that those experiences are yours, now you go back to the innocense of a child. It happens naturally when your mind is not the boss in controll anylonger. When meditation grows, mind stops, your heart opens, old habbits stop, identification with name, nationality, social background disapear. This society does not support meditation, it hates it meditation would stop all politics, religions, wars, greedy selfishness, economical fantasy and borderlines. It takes a lot of courage to leave the majority of sheep behind and spread your wings again in a world that lives like automatic mental reaction machines repeating a trained pattern of thoughts. It looks so difficult at first, it is not related with what you are used to. Don't fool yourself meditation is so easy it feels weird and shocking at first, is this it? How can this be it? Weird but real meditation leaves the world of "it" behind.
  4. Very true. Even wilkinsons can do better. We save at least £15/week sometimes more by not going to tesco. Only few little things we get from them, they only help a little.
  5. What goes up must come down. The intensity and energy used to jump is not going to keep them in the air forever. Just be patient, history is full of examples from similar cases we have now forgotten. What tesco does is normal human behaviour in search of power and control over the whole market. They are not doing it honestly, they lie, put people under pressure, anything to get to their goal. Just be patient and see what happens in the long run. They look for a satisfaction in winning control but this satisfaction is an illusion, I know. The closer they come to it the bigger the dissatisfaction and waking up to what is the point of all of this? They will never find what they really want in live because live is not tesco. Even if every street has a tesco and they go to the moon people can wake up and take their illusionairy power away. In future students will be taught from their mistakes from the old days. Many other places I have found "exact" same products cheaper than in lying tesco. Still use tesco, but just little little bit for few things.
  6. England is an island. If a supermarket don't look like disneyland they think it is shabby. They have never lived in germany, their only foreign experience is getting drunk and or staying in tourist areas. Dont get me wrong, love sheffield but as far as shopping is concerned, they get fooled by presentation and appearances without seeing they are paying too much for the show. If you have lived/seen germany you learn to go a little further and for quality.
  7. It is such a strange place for an accident. Did she lose consciousnes while driving or did someone jump in front of her and she reacted? Does powersteering sometimes malfuntion and you lose control? If she went uphill there it must be something very rare that caused this horrible thing to happen.
  8. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/woman_injured_in_bus_collision_1_4251454
  9. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/woman_injured_in_bus_collision_1_4251454 Horrible. Wonder what happened, she was going straight uphill. Too late now, whatever caused it it has happened. Wish everyone well, all the best nowills. I still have drivers license now but 10 years ago had epileptic blackout while driving. A very similar accident happened but I was not aware while it happened, suddenly everything blacked out and accident happened 30 metres ahead in opposite lane. Could drive now but happily take the bus, you never know, it could happen again.
  10. Go live in germany couple of years. English people don't know what to do and feel so helpless with emotions and other things. In holland the driver would have called the police and it would be in the paper next day. If you decide to do nothing then don't be a hypocrite and get upset about it. When you get angry tell those people right there and then, don't come to forum to cry over it. I was not there when it happened on the bus but when a young girl threw garbage on the street I approached her and said you are going to pick that up are you? She did and said sorry. Can take a lot worse without crying over it all the time anymore.
  11. She was not stealing. She was not conscious and could not remember how it all got in her bag. Stealing can only be done when you are conscious and aware. That is possible that she was unconscious about it! But than she can't do her job either. Lots of medication was missing around the place she worked.
  12. If some virus or other little animal explodes in numbers out of proportion we call it a pest. When humans explode out of proportion we don’t recognise ourselves as a pest to this earth we live on. We are destroying and ripping this earth to peaces because we want it all and think we are god. But if a little bug infests an area we panic in fear a pest a pest an infestation. Look in the mirror and see yourselves
  13. It does not matter. People never have enough, never satisfied, they always want more. Ten pounds for this person or a million for a banker only difference this person gets sacked for the tenner. The nurse was not very well. She was under influence and not conscious of what she was doing, that is dangerous, she could make big mistakes at her job.
  14. You are a big big idiot. Aldi is a german supermarket. Germans are far ahead from britain in development of science quality and technology. BMW, Volkswagen are german makes as well. German quality of food and products is superior to those of british supermarkets by far!
  15. Might be a shock when you realize how much further you get with normal fuel for few p more. Cheap/litre is not alway really cheaper on the road. Tesco smiles at you and pretends it gives with one hand but takes a lot more in secret with its other hand round your back.
  16. It is certain that some medication can wipe memory and people live in the present moment. Sometimes just a part of memory goes with medication. Her claim of not being consious of how it all got in her bag is believable if she took medication.
  17. Their value dropped when big claims from motorist came in 2007 Every little helps as long as it is for them. Don't trust tesco they are liers.
  18. They put ethanol in their fuell http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3017964&page=3
  19. It is all illusion. Do you believe in modern economy like people used to believe in church and god. People did think god really exist 100 year ago now we laugh about it, it was just a dream. Wake up and it is all over. No dreams no worries no lies.
  20. Let her what is the problem? When you die that land aint coming with you!
  21. You never know what could happen there, scary scary scary. Was there yesterday, girl on express till was doing nothing for a while so gave her a little to do. Will tesco be first supermarket on the moon when people settle there? Would tesco be last supermarket to close if a virus wipes out 90% of population. When are they going to sell their own make of cars? They tried to take over local market there as well, don't think locals will appreciate nor support that and locals don't shop there much either.
  22. Large supermarkets use major psychologist and experts to use the most refined techniques to program your mind without you being aware of it. Lot of people think tesco is their friend and there to help them but are not aware the sneaky ways a supermarket uses to make you like them. They throw a lot of money and professional expertise at this. Lot of people follow their supermarketgod like a guru and don't even know how it got there in the first place. They wil get angry and devensive to protect their god and badmouth others that go elsewhere. Tesco is the worse of them but not the only one out there that does this. The more angry and offended people get by this the more effect it has had on their unconscious!
  23. Tesco are greedy selfish where every little helps replies to a little more for them and less for you. I spend £5 per month there. Will not support these type of bussines trying to take over everything with selfish bussines practises. Most people are too blind unconscious or fanatic to see it. Trained dogs sheep that run after their tesco cause it has trained to follow them like an animal. They are very good at that if you live half asleep like most people in this society.
  24. If your gas meter is in one of those exterior boxes any idiot with pliers can get to it.
  25. Don't hate them, will never ruin my own good live if there is a sneaky lying supermarket. Just don't use them or even worse use them only a little bit so they never get much money from me but think I am a customer. They used to sell 750 gram thornton chocolates for £7.50 and brag about it. All of a sudden the box stayed the same but the quantity became 550 gram. I almost did not notice it. No respect for this type of business. Bragging about colgate on sale if you buy two. It was the normal price boots sells them at. Tesco are liers, still use them very little but watch my back for their bad deals and tricks.
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