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  1. Did not instruct you. You are free to do and go where you want. I was attempting to share experiences about meditation, If you want instructions I will not give them. Maybe it is a different experience for you, anything is possible, be free individual. Please do not become a carbon copy of me ever and hope to gain, desire anything you want. You could be the first person receiving meditation through desire, anything is possible, really, a new discovery. If it works I love to learn more about it.
  2. Hoping to gain anything continues the proces of thinking you are to get something out of your effords. Thats fine, nothing wrong with it, everybody does it but meditation comes when you drop the desire to get something out of it. It will all come now when leaving all bussines aspects behind and deeply trusting meditations absense is due to desires to gain, get, achieve. When open minded, no expectations, just let it take you, no need to control, after a while it is there, free, unexpected, a new experience, let it be a surprise. When done for a purpose, to get somewhere or achieve something. It will only be an exercise of the mind strengthening its needs for control and power.
  3. Meditation is the road to total freedom. A follower will always be a slave. Competition creates fantasy seperations. Meditation creates silent gaps in the thinking proces. All those seperations disapear, everything becomes one. I cannot compete with anybody anymore, I don't see the seperation anymore and cannot compete with others because that would be like competing with myself. I know that sounds very weird but when meditation sharpens and awareness intensifies all of existence is one harmony, all extreme differences become part of the same universal proces and are not seperated anylonger. Our minds keep thinking they are someone special, different, unique, in a race to prove and achieve their individuality. Fighting and struggling to get somewhere, power, recognision, property, better than others. When the silence of meditation comes all of that disappears like a dream and you wake up. It is a shock, intense, alive, beautifull experience. Mind cannot conceive of what this is or what it is like, thats why people meditate, to reach those gaps of silence where they slowly grow stronger and mind weakens. Our minds will never ever know what it is like to be one with the universal witnessing proces again, when we know our minds are not in charge no longer and we are watching the mind.
  4. A preacher needs followers. A meditator stands on his own two feet.
  5. I have no issues with richard janie. He is a lovely guy. I realize he is struggling to encourage and correct people of misunderstandings. His posts are long and many full of the words stress, philosophy, knowledge, understanding, claiming it and complicated explainations of something that is so simple. His knowledge of meditation has not yet brought him to the experience of it yet. That is fine, he shall be a fantastic preacher untill one day he will become a buddha himself there is no hurry. I apreciate his prescence here he does not have to change for me or like or dislike me.
  6. It is great to see how everybody here is getting closer and personal trusting each other sharing their feelings and experiences on an internet forum. Janie you are fine, was not trying to tell you anything other than you are allready fine and intouch with the vibrations of meditation. Richard gets very stressed, philosophical and angry when people are not religious like him. He talks about meditation but is not really in touch with it as an real experience yet. He will receive meditation when it gets less deep and less complicated and he stops fighting and arguing over it. Lots of other great people present here now on this forum, loving every bit of it!
  7. You dont' think about not thinking, you are capable of watching and observing the thinking process. When you watch and observe the thinking process it slows down and in the gaps you see who you are.
  8. Thank god there are people like dave here now putting the attention towards meditation.
  9. "But once the boat has carried you across the river, it doesn't have so much use for you. That said, it may have a great value for someone else.. I think the danger lies in confusing 'finger' with 'moon', and failing to recognise that the whole shebang is just a paradigm, a model, a cultural context that attempts to explain and guide us back to our true original nature" Again spot on waldo You are your original true nature. It is imposible to not be it. You only think you are not and get confused looking for true nature outside while it is right here right now within. Mind looks for things all over the place while they were allways present right here, now. Moving back to true nature is difficult, you never moved out of it, mind gets confused, meditation slows it down.
  10. I am double laughing, now you know
  11. Spot on Janie, the first experiences of meditation can wake a lot of emotions and intense feelings. That does get better over time. When you say "just simple meditation, nothing deep" you are already very close moving the right way. As soon as it gets complicated and far away you lose touch with it.
  12. That is right. If meditation is a doing it will only ad. That is why people don't understand meditation, it is not from the outer world we live in. Years and years I have added looking for the "off switch" It comes like a shock and then meditation becomes a natural proces that sharpens awareness without efford without doing. Then the doing person has stopped doing and is watched by the natural witnessing proces. Some lovely other people here joining the conversation, welcome.
  13. _____________________________________________________________________ Draw a line? hahahahahaha.
  14. That is so true draggletail “Enlightenment is an accident. Meditation makes you accident prone.” ― Roshi Richard Baker Just to make it clear, I am not enlightened. I don't know what enlightenment is, have not experienced it. I don't know what meditation is, when it happened to me I realised I was not there "no more" to "claim it" and it is not my property either, it happened by accident. It feels like an ongoing waking of my witnessing prescense, watching the mind, emotions. Now I know I am not what I witness on the outside and identification with the mind and emotions slowly disappear. It is a growing proces. Not mine, not yours, it belongs to the universe. That is my real experience described in words but unless someone has the same experience they will remain thinking they are what goes on in their mind. It is so easy, when the accident of meditation happened to me I started laughing at how stupid I have befooled myself for years looking for meditation.
  15. I told you we are in the same boat. There is nothing I know that you don't and this topic is about the experience of meditation, not the knowledge of it.
  16. Getting tired thinking and preaching richard? Those who actually meditate do not use form, lies, philosophy, religion, identity. As long as you fool yourself in thinking meditation is a philosophy or religion you will stay identified with your mind and body, thinking it is you. What you call a self is your false identity you believe in. My, and your existence is a witnessing pressence, observing watching and aware of its existence. Only difference is that I am aware of it and you are not yet aware of it. You can have my awareness it is not mine it is there for everybody, only problem is that it cannot be posessed, traded in the marketplace. As long as you hope and wish for things you think you are a controlling personality. Draw a line through your mind and stop listening to it. May take a little time but it will go and disappear when you start meditation. ps. don't know where you get that claim bussiness from. I am in the same boat as you are.
  17. Transcendental meditation is not meditation! Just repeating a mantra makes your mind sleepy and dull. The silence of meditation is strong and intense, energetic, alive. No crutch like a mantra is needed. Meditation is the path to absolute silence. You cannot use your mind to silence itself. Witnessing with awareness makes one aware he is not the mind and it drops like a dead leaf naturally, without efford. I dont meditate, it happens. I have not reached anything, it happens because I stopped interfering. Life is beautifull, wonderfull, intense, blisfull. It is not mine, everybody has it, it is there, just stop trying to grab it.
  18. Richard, how are you dhamma friend. I have "not reached" any "rank anywhere" and don't need to have it either, you can have it and ill live without it! You have higher better meditation, I don't have that, the lower meditation if it is there will do the job fine for me. I have not read one book about meditation for over 10 years now, given them away now. I would love to know what the buddha really knew but I will never know it.
  19. World of meditation is full of surprises.
  20. I don't claim meditation, it is useless, can't get anywhere with it in. Everybody is born with it, most of us forget, few look for it again. It is not like a cheque you claim at the bank or guiness book of records. It feels great but has no goal, and when meditation is present even that "I" of feeling great becomes just one feeling great, or bad but than it dont matter any more. Than bad feels great and great feels bad, yes that is really possible. Richard you are more than welcome to start all exploration now, fresh, clean, empty, free from the past, free from unwillingness.
  21. This topic is for people interested in meditation. Meditation is not disneyland!
  22. If you have questions about meditation only way to find the answer is to meditate. My experience is limited. It only moves slowly from mind to meditation. Only thing I am certain of is that mind is slowing down and silence grows and moving in the right direction. Away from mind, body, towards the witnissing energy present. You are right it is important to watch out for self help gurus, my father is one and I told him to get lost. I don't follow him or connect to his selfish advises. If you feel lost and have real questions E. Tolle or Osho are good places to start.
  23. I said meditation is so easy, we have forgotten how to "switch off" and let silence come back. The experience is there for everybody, you too richard, you are doing everything you can to "switch of". Authentically searching for what the buddha's talked about. Most people don't have the courage to do what you are doing now to experience meditation and you are working hard on it, authentically. Now on this forum you find support and other people also interested in meditation. I cannot give it to you, you cannot give it to me. We can attempt to share our experiences. I have struggled for years. Now I have reached nowhere after my first little taste of real meditative awareness. People must wonder how can this be of any use or interest? The mind slows down, gaps of silence grow. It takes awareness back to where it originally came from and that is a wonderfull experience!
  24. Why do people become interested in meditation? You are born empty minded, no language no name, nothing there to identify with. That is why children are so much fun. As we grow up we are told how to react, we are told whom we are but what we are told is just outer information we all lose when we die. Now we start to think we are someone and forget we came with nothing. Everything we do now is just follow the rules and react to what has been pumped in our minds along the road. Internet did just the same. For example, internet started clean, just a communication network between universities. Then normal people started to connect to it. They started to play with it and greedy business smelled the opportunity. Then it got dirtier and dirtier with advertising, rubbish. Governments interfere now all freedom is going and going from Internet. People go to jail, it has changed from something innocent to a controlled mind machine. Few people become aware, their awareness is only touching these outer layers. Few people can be bothered to really look into it. Once stuck in the outer layers of mind a deep understanding of inner awareness is needed to see that we came with nothing and are here now with what is here now. Then all that rubbish that is in the mind is recognised as such and we no longer identify with it. Why is it so difficult to understand or see this? We have completely forgotten what it was like without the controlling mind. Difficult to remember because now our minds resist any development to move back to a world where we are free to see mind is just a tool, you are much deeper and stronger than mind. Meditation is the reverse process. It moves back to the empty mind (you can still think, talk and do things, you no longer identify with it) When the false identity has gone, freedom, peace and all you ever need. This society does not connect with meditation. It is greatly discouraged and there are many many traps to stop you from really finding it. Many sideroads to get lost and disappear. It takes a certain awareness to unlock the closed eyes that falsely believe they are what they think. Anyone really wanting to go back to the ultimate centre of inner freedom from all crap will become interested in meditation.
  25. I only read richards post and am not qualified to make any comments regarding his existence. Even my own experiences cannot really be expressed in this forum, if it were that easy I could sell it on the internet and people could buy meditation on ebay. Language, verbal mental energy is only a desperate efford to encourage others to go look for meditation. What is the witnessing energy that watches the experiencer you mention? Meditation is like peeling an onion. Layer after layer it goes deeper and deeper. Away from from the outer layers to the very core of that witnissing energy that is at the very center of it all. Everybody can go there as long as they really go for it and stop investing in nonsense religions, politics, exercises. Someone with real experience could make it easier to go the right direction and not waste time all over the place. Their energy is very strong and inviting, it pulls you the right way without trying. No need to talk.
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