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  1. I have heard a GP in southey green has been closed because of a suspected infection and a barber shop in Rotherham because an infected customer was there.

    We all knew this was more a matter of time that it would be here.

  2. It was very busy at the moor yesterday afternoon but I have completely stopped using the new market while I did use the old market for many years. Now I walk right past it even when I am on the moor. Was at tj hughes only ten days ago and it did look a bit funny then with all the huge big sales signs all over the shop.

  3. Moor is not well connected to supertram.

    Parking ain't great. 

    It connects with southern part of Sheffield but some buses don't come near it.


    Corona virus and cinema? 

    James bond movie is delayed six months for example. And mission impossible stopped filming


    Sorry to hear tj Hughes is gone it was a nice important shop for the moor

  4. 12 hours ago, busdriver1 said:

    So the fact that in real terms, bus travel is cheaper now than 20 years ago has passed you by then? 

    I live in the present moment, not the past.

    As I mentioned sweet lies are used.  All political, social systems function through saying that the past was worse. Then they put the carrot stick of a better future in front of the less intelligent miserable majority who immediately go that direction.

    This is an ongoing process and unless you look at things, right here, right now, this moment you will not see or understand that buses are getting worse in a certain way today.

    I must admit that few improvements have been made using modern technology spacing buses better but I get the impression this same technology is also used to get them too full and overloaded at the wrong times even on weekends.

    Buses in England are also used to separate the social classes and the buses serving higher classed areas will be newer and run better than the lower class areas despite the fact that fewer people will use buses  from higher class areas.

  5. 5 hours ago, Rockers rule said:

    Hat's off to Luxembourg. Free travel (ish).

    Surley a sencible way of getting people off the road out of their cars and back using what would be a proper public service.

    I for one would use trains or buss's more even if i was using the car to get to a railway station or free bus style carpark first.


    Luxembourg is very small and has highest car ownership to citicens in EU.

    They are trying hard to get people to use more public transport but even when free most people continue driving there.

    The trains are still national there tax funded.


    It is the other extreme of what we have here where private companies drive up the price using false lies and excuses.

  6. 24 minutes ago, Retro Queen said:

    I understand what you're saying but how come there are loads of buses on other routes such as the 52 and 120, there doesn't seem to be many shortage of staff and buses on those routes.


    Also, why do buses get abandoned in town, like the 98 I was waiting for last week that had a driver and a running bus but he was told to stop the service in town and not go any further because he had another route to go to - so why should the 98 suffer?


    Sorry to go on about this as its not your fault obviously but it is so frustrating for people like me who don't drive and rely on buses to get around.

    Good question.

    I think I know what the real answer is.

    Only thing is that after traveling in India cannot be bothered with discussing the real impact of class system in transportation any longer.


    I also see a certain preference of serving certain areas better than others.


    Busdriver1 would make a better politician than busdriver. 

    Why do I say this? He (or she) explains everything very sweet using it all as an excuse to say it's ok to make things worse.

    I don't use sweet excuses and simply watch the reality of a system that gets worse and worse to pump as much money as possible in a few individuals pockets.

    Of coarse we have to take the environment in consideration as well but closing Rotherham depot was not to help the environment.

  7. Today I waited for a bus where it is supposed to come approximately every five minutes at one clock in afternoon. 

    After twenty minutes waiting there came a dubbeldecker that was so full that even upstairs people were standing.

    I got out and took the next  one that came ten minutes later.

    Looking on their website at expected arrivals it looked more like fourteen buses were coming instead of the scheduled twenty.

  8. 8 hours ago, Retro Queen said:

    First are soon going to be getting my taxi receipts for a refund.


    I met friends after work tonight for a meal. I went for the 98 bus home at 8.20, it came in 'sorry not in service'. I spoke to the driver who said there was no replacement driver to take the bus over. Bear in mind the buses are one an hour at this time. I was fuming, though I know it wasn't the driver's fault as he was only doing as he was told. 


    I went back to the restaurant for another coffee, on principle refusing to get a taxi home. I went for  the 9.20 bus and that was missing! Absolutely beyond a joke. I did get a taxi home then as I refused to wait for another hour. So it cost me over £8.00 to get  home. 


    Surely this awful service cannot go on.

    I have heard too many stories like this first thinks it's a joke.

    Try small claims court and get it on front pages of newspapers instead of HS2

  9. Just now again on a line that is supposed to be every twelve minutes.

    App says next bus in 21 minutes.

    31 minutes later it gets there and goes slower than ever because at all stops there are too many people who have waited too long taking forever to get on this overload bus.

    Any more people worried about buses not making profit who want to comment on this?

  10. 2 hours ago, Bargepole23 said:

    ^This. Nicely stated Lex.

    In other words thumbs up but we don't have that on this forum.

    I would give Lex a thumbs up as well.


    Will keep using the library, many things change with technology does this mean libraries are going while things like HS2 are coming?

  11. 2 minutes ago, RollingJ said:

    Probably because all the taxis off that stand were in use - they are not just sat there waiting for you, you know. Anyway, do you not have a mobile phone to call one of the Sheffield taxi operators?

    To be honest it was Monday morning 10 AM and digital mobile technology told me the bus was coming.

  12. 2 hours ago, dutch said:

    There are more buses than taxis on the road.

    Bus passengers are treated like lower class less worthy money sources for big companies when it comes to things like good service.

    Oh, why was I in city center at a taxi stand with zero taxis to run to a get bus to get to an important meeting two weeks ago?

  13. 18 hours ago, busdriver1 said:

    Taxis are completely different. For one they do not have to follow a set route, a very silly comparison but to be fair expected

    There are more buses than taxis on the road.

    Bus passengers are treated like lower class less worthy money sources for big companies when it comes to things like good service.

  14. 7 minutes ago, busdriver1 said:

    There are blocks of drovers who do certain routes only, none of them do all routes. The most likely reason for buses often being missing on a certain route is that there is a staffing issue on that block, or a traffic issue on that route. Both are possible and would explain your experience. To be honest, your suspicion of a political motive is extremely unlikely. The guys in control are hard pressed at the best of times and to them it is just numbers not areas. Its hard enough keeping the drivers legal as it is without playing games with services. Then you get drivers who after waiting 10 seconds for a response from control take it upon themselves to make their own decision. (often a poor decision due to not having all the information in front of them and if discovered leads to disciplines, but sadly get through unnoticed at times hence larger than expected gaps). Hope that makes sense.

    We called a taxi last week and there were none in the area it took them a while to find a driver.

    I looked on their app fivteen minutes later and they had send three drivers to that area to solve that problem.

    Filling gaps is not difficult.

  15. 11 hours ago, Retro Queen said:

    I am not disputing that. I am saying why did it take an hour for the next bus to turn up?

    You are right. When one of these once a hour busses falls out of service they should get one from a busy line to come and sit in to fill that gap as soon as possible. A 75 or 76 that is at end of its line near the dore area for example.

    When a bus falls out of service where there are five or six a hour that is nowhere near as bad as someone waiting for nothing for a hour.

    Personally I would have called a taxi before playing roulette waiting for a bus one hour.

  16. 4 minutes ago, lazarus said:

    Just who will be able to afford the fares, I can’t even afford the rail fares now.

    We can afford the fares but take coach sometimes because it can be so much cheaper it gets rediculous.


    HS2 is politics. An effort to keep the pound stable by pretending there is development happening.

  17. Hello bus driver again.


    Just one question, you know what brainwashing is and how it works?

    The reason I ask is because sometimes your responses sound more like a repeating grammaphone record than honest answers.

    Please take that with a sense of humour.


    Understanding comes through looking and seeing consciously with awareness.

    Many people here  can see the loopholes used by greedy management.

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