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  1. There are more buses than taxis on the road. Bus passengers are treated like lower class less worthy money sources for big companies when it comes to things like good service.
  2. I am reading a book from the library at the moment that would cost £10 as an ebook. After reading this book someone else can enjoy it thanks for the library.
  3. We called a taxi last week and there were none in the area it took them a while to find a driver. I looked on their app fivteen minutes later and they had send three drivers to that area to solve that problem. Filling gaps is not difficult.
  4. Here we go again. London road 75 into town normal afternoon fully packed as if there is some bus shortage. Absolutely rediculous. If they don't make money out of that I will have to see the actual figures and will not accept stupid comments aimed to calm it down.
  5. You are right. When one of these once a hour busses falls out of service they should get one from a busy line to come and sit in to fill that gap as soon as possible. A 75 or 76 that is at end of its line near the dore area for example. When a bus falls out of service where there are five or six a hour that is nowhere near as bad as someone waiting for nothing for a hour. Personally I would have called a taxi before playing roulette waiting for a bus one hour.
  6. If council give me 25% of what is pulled in I be more than happy to go around for them to fine silly parked people.
  7. Thanks, no surprise. This HS2 thing sounds just like trumps wall to me.
  8. We can afford the fares but take coach sometimes because it can be so much cheaper it gets rediculous. HS2 is politics. An effort to keep the pound stable by pretending there is development happening.
  9. Similar action has cleared old castle area from all sorts of jungle parking. Simple efficient cheap. Future cars need GPS tracking so parking fine automatically comes from account when parked at wrong place.
  10. Hello bus driver again. Just one question, you know what brainwashing is and how it works? The reason I ask is because sometimes your responses sound more like a repeating grammaphone record than honest answers. Please take that with a sense of humour. Understanding comes through looking and seeing consciously with awareness. Many people here can see the loopholes used by greedy management.
  11. Hello Busdriver. Even if you gave me a free car with petrol I will have to walk take trains buses or taxis and catch a ride with friends. My GP told me not to drive. I lived longer in Sheffield than any other place and this has nothing to do with the public transport, not even Brexit interferes with this. Like you said some places are for the better and some are for the worse. At the moment things have been getting worse in Sheffield, The only significant improvement so far is that we now rarely see three or four same buses riding bumper to bumper. Sheffield is a friendly social place and I prefer the long unnecessary delays caused by bus drivers talking chatting with people getting on over the stressed out rush quicker faster mentality of places I have lived before.
  12. You don't know what cheap is because you live on an island. Take off the blindfold and look at reality. I will have to go somewhere later I can walk in 30 minutes but the two buses that could get me there take 40 minutes. You call that service?
  13. Personally I suspect (this is only my imagination) that this is another poor way to save money on labour while making others work harder.
  14. I am on a 76 bus now on London rd going into town all seats are taken and people are standing. Two in the afternoon, not exactly rush hour. This is not something unusual. It is taking longer at stops now as well with these busy busses. In other countries I have been they have separate ticket conductors on such busy lines. And buses with doors on front and middle.
  15. Sheffield bus tactic is to reduce and worsen certain lesser used bus services then say they aren't needed any more then remove them completely. In other places where there is need for buses they get reduced to the point that even normal times of day or on sunday people have to stand in them. 18 is unbelievable, I will have more chance winning the lottery than see one of these ever arrive on time, stopped using them completely not because I don't need them but they are too unreliable.
  16. That place was getting pretty run down and could do with some refreshing decorating. Many lockers were broken and dirty. I used to go for a swim there at times as a guest with a friend who was member there. Lately it was turning into a spital hill Asian man hang out club by that jacuzzi with many of them screaming discussing arguing.
  17. I can completely understand such accidents as it has happened once to myself that I completely blacked out and lost consciousness while I was actually feeling fine driving in the morning.
  18. In December I have seen three buses being towed away at different locations and four standing still with emergency lights flashing. Public transport is overpriced and what you get for it is also inferior but when you live on an island people don't notice the difference as much.
  19. This flooding has more to do with climate change and the polluters are not god, would call it an act by the devil myself.
  20. Just give clothes to charity shop. If you want money for it put it on eBay.
  21. Newer and better than the old northern trains I take and it was on time. It's fun seeing a train blowing a cloud of steam, it has a certain character.
  22. Thanks, it was on time and as I was in the area at that time anyway went to see and it was cute to watch. Many people on that old train waiving at the people looking at it on the way.
  23. The piano at the station was in pretty bad condition anyway and desperately needed tuning. I had seen some old piano better than that for sale once for £10. Wouldn't surprise me if some caring piano lover in Sheffield getting too old for playing could donate theirs to the station?
  24. Seen a dead fox by canal near attercliffe last month.
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