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  1. Couple of filters. Not particularly professional photography. I am Sheffiled based. Sample work would be satisfactory.
  2. I need someone to do image editing (week in, week out) (photoshop/ illustrator). Nothing too complex. Main requiremtn: vision, understanding, initiative. Good opportunity to become part of business with great potential and possibilities. All will be clearer when we speak. Please note, this is not a one off offer, so only the SERIOUS and CONSISTENT need contact me. Regards
  3. Hi all, I am conducting a survey and would love and appreciate anyone aged 18-35's answers on these few questions. it'll only take you 2 minutes. Please answer the following questions 1. What kind of accomodation do you live in? House Flat Modern city flat? 2. What size bed do you sleep on? Single Double King (American Queen) Superking 3. What size duvet do you sleep with? Single Double King Superking if your answer is somehow not included in the choice please state it. Once again, big appreciation to all who reply. Cheers.
  4. Does anyone know the average yearly earning in sheffield? need this info for some research i'm doing.
  5. can anyone recommend a good company that manages property? trying to let property in Royal Plaza
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