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  1. the council actually made money from the partnership. As Kier were eligible to take work outside of the scope of the council maintenance contract, Any profit Kier made above £5 millionth council got a share in the profit. Maintenance is transferring back to the council as of April 1st. However it is merely a rebrand, tenants will still receive the same service, by the same workmen and the same management. The only difference I foresee, is that with the reduction in council properties (housing stock sold to Sanctuary etc) is that there may well be redundancies in the pipeline as the council simply will not have the work that Kier did for the number of employees.
  2. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm in need of a good quality 2 meter female 30 pin to lightning cable. My car currently has an MMI system which unfortunately only supports the older 30 pin connector, in their infinite wisdom they decided to fit the connection in the glove box (great idea for safety etc but pants for practicality). I've tried searching but can only find 20cm runs or decidedly cheap cables that I'm confident won't last.
  3. One of mine today. In fact, my last of the year... and a couple of my other favourites from the year...
  4. Hi guys, wondering if anyone could help. I have an engagement shoot on Sunday, location was set and everything planned. the bride has now decided she'd prefer something in doors as the weather doesn't look too good, trouble is I can't for the life of me think of anywhere... Does anyone have any ideas? Ideally staying away from he city centre due to Tramlines.
  5. The Winter Gardens are nice for the shots of just the couple as is outside the Lyceum. Generally you'll find when folks see it's a wedding they make every effort to keep out of your way.
  6. Hi all, I was a tad unsure where to post this as strangely, there doesn't appear to be a travel section (at least not one I could find). I'm considering taking a February trip to Reykjavik, I have been lead to believe it's quite expensive for food and drink whilst you are there. I've done a few searches on Google and Trip Advisor but haven't really been able to find any current prices, or indeed anyone that has recently visited. I was wondering if any of the forum users had been and could advice on average costs of meals, drinks and nights out. Also whether I'd be better purchasing excursions such as the lights tour in advance or when I get there. Many thanks.
  7. Hi all, I have a bride in need of a videographer. Would anyone be interested/available Aug 24th? Please INBOX me with prices.
  8. Hi Maxine, as requested I've dropped you a quick e-mail.
  9. The Sigma 50-150 EX DC HSM f2.8 is a cracking lense. Great image quality, brilliantly fast to focus thanks to the HSM motor.
  10. Hi there, if you could DM me your details I'd be happy to keep you in mind the next time asked for a referral. If you could include prices and a link to your portfolio too that'd be great.
  11. Hi Nick, I'm certain there will be tools to speed up and automate work flow, but, I enjoy the editing side as much as I enjoy the photographing side. I don't necessarily always spend that long editing on every wedding. Again, it depends on the expectations of the client. But what I have found in the past is that although you may be doing a favour for someone, a good deed etc at a reduced price, the client still expects the level of attention that is in line with your portfolio.
  12. In a sense it's not as simple as that. You set your prices according to your lever of clientele. Are a bride and groom with a £40,000 wedding going to be expecting, or even looking for a photographer in a £365 price bracket. In honesty, no. That's no reflection on the photographer, but common conceptions being that "if it costs more, it has to be better" on the same footing, a couple with a £5,000 budget for instance aren't going to be looking for a £1000+ photographer. My image only price is £650, that's two photographers, for a full day, engagement shoot etc etc. I'm not looking to fall out, or make enemies with anyone. But, let's not forget, it's not just wedding photographers that charge stupid amounts. It's the entire industry. As soon as you put wedding in front of anything, the price hikes straight away. Shoes, hair, flowers, make up etc etc A perfect example, you'd expect to pay more for a BMW than a Vauxhall, they're both cars, they both do the same thing. But different bells and whistles, different target audiences.
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