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  1. Was the OP written in code?😁
  2. If they're high flying they're usually pink footed geese, commuting between Morecambe Bay and the Wash.
  3. My mate's Mrs ran over a dog when she was doing the reverse turn...she failed. Another acquaintance, who'd been banned from driving took a test for someone else, so he could have their licence. He failed and has never lived it down.
  4. Right, we'll call the hammer Maxwell and make it out of silver:-)
  5. A quick answer is ;don't climb the ladders, keep your children under control and don't go too close to the edge. Or is that too much like common sense?
  6. A thumb and forefinger usually does the job.
  7. Sounds like a good night out in Birdwell:-)
  8. I know of a butcher who used to get his oak sawdust from a joiners shop at Malin Bridge. Oak is harmful to animals, so the joiner makes sure it is separate from the other wood chippings, which goes for animal bedding.
  9. Is there any news on the dead peregrine?
  10. Another picture on twitter taken from a different angle shows that indeed it's a pigeon:-)
  11. Looks like the intruder has killed the resident female. There's a picture on the peregrine Twitter site
  12. I gather that the eggs were left unbrooded for about 75mins. Hopefully they will hatch.
  13. Which church was this, please?
  14. I was going to his barber's up to 2010 or thereabouts. I think he sold the shop or gave up the lease at this time. I know he lived at Beighton, maybe you should post on the Beighton Facebook page.
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