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  1. Is there any news on phoenix chippy on Woodseats? It's seems ages since it closed down after the fire.
  2. I remember having my hair cut in Ernest's shop. I was sat in the chair and someone came into the tackle shop, he came back after serving the customer. There was a distinct smell of maggots coming from his hands as he continued with my trim🥴😁
  3. I was, but prefer to remain anonymous.
  4. Sadly, John Harrod died about 7yrs ago, as did Malcolm Hardman about 3yrs ago.
  5. Thanks for the link, fore. I already follow that site on Facebook. I gather that a golden eagle was found poisoned on a shooting estate in Scotland, this week 😭
  6. There should be a large population in the northern Peak District. However, the area is dominated by shooting estates. I'll let you decide the reason for the lack of peregrines and other birds of prey.
  7. The adults tend to hang around the city centre all year. Why migrate when there's a plenty supply on your doorstep..feral pigeons. The chicks are colour ringed. One is now a breeding adult at Wakefield.
  8. Property developers building on greenbelt land won't be constructing houses for relieving inner city residents, unless councils get involved. Then you'll get the NIMBYs involved. Norton Aerodrome is crying out to built on, however, things are much easier said than done.
  9. All local councils and planning committees are very wary of creating a precedent over building on green belt land. The legalities would be enormous, with property companies, planners and local residents taking cases through the court system. The legal fees could be astronomical. I don't know why immigration comes into the discussion?
  10. I understand that the site is a mix of brownfield and greenbelt land, so it won't be easy to build on. The complexities of building on greenbelt are numerous, otherwise, I'm sure that it would have been built on. There was a rumour that it was to become a new hospital..that was some years ago.
  11. I remember that building as a company called Eyre and Baxter, who were machine engravers. Before that I'm informed it was a social club.
  12. https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/news/upheaval-popular-city-centre-peregrine-nest-new-falcon-takes-centre-stage Not so good in Nottingham.
  13. You could put this post on Facebook, on the only in Norton Lees site.
  14. Regarding my previous post about the removal of boats and the drowning. There's a thread on Facebook about this. Evidently, a 5yr old girl fell in and was sadly drowned.
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