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  1. According to my 1900 White's directory, Rawlins were dressing case instrument manufacturers.
  2. If you Google J B Rawlins and Sons you'll find some info and a photo of the factory.
  3. I grew up on Mountview road and can remember the factory. I don't think it was cutlery that was made there, it was nail files. I'll make some more inquiries on the matter.
  4. Derek Doman sadly died at the beginning of this year. I've got some photos of a fancy dress disco night from 1983. If anyone wants them, then you can PM me.
  5. Derek Doman who ran Dobcroft youth club for many years has sadly passed away earlier this month. I have found some photos of a fancy dress party held at the club. There's a poster on the wall advertising a CA charity walk with the date of the walk...1983. There's about 50 photos and if anyone wants them you can PM me.
  6. It used to be Nelson's in Bakewell and Kemka's on Abbeydale road. Sadly, they've both closed down:-(
  7. Can anyone else remember the small bingo hall that was on Woodseats? As I remember it was in the small arcade on the left hand side going into town, possibly near to the Saint Luke's charity shop. The prizes weren't big, as we won tinned food for a camping trip. Any other info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. melv

    V1 rocket over swallownest.

    I think that was an urban myth, as there are similar depressions in ecclesall woods. These were made by charcoal burners for fuel used in the steel industry.
  9. Where were the cyclists and canoeists when the floods were shown on Look North, last night:-)
  10. https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Professional-Contractor-Fibreglass-Handle+Mattock-Head/p/501003 This is the best tool for getting out a tree stump.
  11. melv

    Seasonal bonfire ban.

    Well, the sky didn't fall in and the ban has worked. Not one bonfire on my adjacent site during one of the best summers for years.
  12. melv

    Sheffield Blitz

    I was on a local history walk around the cemetery on Derbyshire Lane. I came across a grave where a wife and husband were buried. They both died on the night of the blitz. I did some research and discovered that the address had received a direct hit and assumed that both of them must have been in the house. Their surname was Cocker and they lived at 99, Valley Road.
  13. melv

    Bees in my hydrangea pot

    Google honeybees.
  14. melv

    Bees in my hydrangea pot

    Are they honey bees? If they are, you can get the number of a bee keeper off the internet and he/she will remove them. I had some on my allotment and someone came from Nertheredge to remove them.
  15. Dogs should be banned from public parks.

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