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  1. Watching Fred Dibnah's industrial age this evening, he showed a manual rolling mill, where the steel being rolled was all man handled. This reminded me of the Norfolk bar mill which was still doing the same in the early 70's. Can anyone remember when they closed the mill down?
  2. Take a walk down Meersbrook Park Road and you'll find at least 3 trees that need felling. The roots of these trees have raised the pavement to a dangerous level. Anyone with a mobility or eyesight problem, or a parent with a double buggy have difficulty negotiating the area, they have to go on the road. I think a broken hip or leg has a bigger environmental impact than a tree that obviously needs removing.
  3. There is a very small wetland area in the Chantry meadow, however, they haven't put a hide up yet. As for the rats, if people stopped feeding the ducks the problem would be solved.
  4. I would like to see a section of the park fenced off like the bird reserve in Ecclesall woods. This would be beneficial to all wildlife, obviously birds. Ground nesters would benefit as the multitude of dogs being walked would be excluded.
  5. There's been one over Norton Lees been followed by a helicopter, probably filming. Anyone know owt about the occasion?
  6. I was up there a couple of weeks ago. The parks department have put notices up advising people not to feed the ducks. 1. Bread is bad for waterfowl. 2. It encourages rats. 3. We'll see if people take any notice....
  7. Until it goes to ground and the terrier men send the dogs in flush it out, then the hounds rip it to bits! Decent people can get their'rocks off' in strange ways....
  8. https://markavery.info/2018/04/05/guest-blog-4/ Moorland monitors blog.
  9. It's all over social media where it's roosting and hunting. I think a lot of birders are worried about it being poisoned. Red kites, buzzards and a pet dog have died in Upper Nidderdale, due to a poisoned carcass laid on a grouse moor.
  10. And tortoises. It picks them up from the ground and drops them on rocks. It does the same with bones, to make them a more manageable size.
  11. I bet that the gamekeepers trigger fingers are getting itchy. They've managed to wipe out most of the birds of prey in the Peak District, especially where grouse are shot.
  12. http://mavir.hu/web/mavir/feszekmegfigyeles Something to watch now the peregrines have fledged. There's a pair of hobbys that are nesting in a Saker falcons nest box. It was used this year and the sakers managed to fledge 1 chick. The egg in the LH corner is one that didn't hatch from the sakers. They've been seen mating, so hopefully we'll get to see a successful nest.
  13. Been down there this afternoon. Great views of female hunting over church and housing estate. She eventually got a feral pigeon round the back of the arts tower, as the male looked on from the corner of the tower.
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