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  1. Yes I certainly remember Jack Platts. I was in his gang for a while. You worked hard, but you had lots of laughs. I could tell a few funny stories about my time with Jack, he was very quick witted and a great comedian. Another great gang foreman to work with was Frank Bough again hard work, but lots of laughs. I used to love a few weeks in his gang. Once the work was done for the day, you never knew what would happen next.
  2. In the early 1900's it was the National Telephone Company, N T C. Still to be seen on some poles during the sixties and seventies. This later became Post Office Telephones, and then eventually British Telecom There was a saying among the old hands that G P O stood for god's poor orphans!
  3. I started working for what was then Post Office Telephones (much later to become B T) in April 1962. I was then in an overhead gang of four or five men. The job entailed putting up telephone poles, digging the holes first, whilst the foreman "dressed" the pole - putting on arms. braces, combiners, spindles, insulators and steps. At that time we would then be erecting open cadmium copper wires from the distribution pole (D P ), To wherever the subscriber end was. I went on to spend most of my working life working for what was to become B T. I wonder if anyone out there has any photos of the old gangs or the Commer Karriers we used to use? I've tried Picture Sheffield, but no luck. Any stories would be good, I can certainly tell a few, there were some real characters around at the time.
  4. David, I got home from Spain on Sunday, and have only just seen your posts. If I had seen the original post when it appeared, there would have been another definite three attendees, Roger Walker, David Vardy and myself. Also another probable four. I am very sorry that I missed the original post, and also can understand your disappointment at the lack of response after all the trouble you went to Regards. TH.
  5. I'll certainly ask him. He lives in Leigh, Lancashire now and has some health issues. I know that he would love to come along.He can stay at our house as he usually does. It's not an easy journey for him these days and my wife and I usually go over to Leigh to see David and Monica. We have been close friends all our lives since being very small boys and living on the same street. We were best man for each other and God parents to each other's children. I'll see what I can do! I'm sorry I cannot come to Ken's funeral, as it my Sister's funeral on September 4th at 11.15 at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium. I'll pass the word on though.
  6. Yes that's Roger, if he hadn't got a pot on one arm or the other, he was sporting some stitches either on his forehead or his leg! I still see quite a bit of Roger, and I need to give him a ring and let him know about Ken. I know he will be very sorry to hear that he's passed away. I'll also let David Vardy know, as he too knew Ken very well. They both carried on at Sharrow Lane with Ken after I left so they will no doubt have some memories of him from then. I remember going with Ken and Roger and some girls to a bonfire and barbecue in the grounds of the old Blind School on Sharrow Lane. I can't recall whether it was organised by the Sharrow St. Johns scouts. Maybe Ken had connections there? I'm pleased to hear he kept his fighting spirit! Yes he is very well remembered.
  7. Very sad to hear of Ken's death. I have some good memories of him. I went to Sharrow Lane Juniors with him until I left aged eleven to go to Nether Edge. We lost touch for about three years, but Ken started knocking about with me and Roger Walker and one or two more around the ages of fourteen, fifteeen and sixteen. We used to go up to his Dad's allotment behind the woods on Hutcliffe Wood Road. We would open the hut there and lark about for hours. If it was cold we would light a fire in the old Salamander stove. As we got a little older we would often take our girl friends along (all innocent stuff at the time!) Another good memory was when Ken, Roger and me went camping by the river at Calver. We never dreamed of asking the landowners permission, though as it happened we weren't there long enough for him to come across us. We had just put a big pan of potatoes on the fire to boil, when there was an almighty crash of thunder and the heavens opened. It battered our makeshift tent down and flooded us out. Everything was soaked through, so we packed up and came home. When we got back to Sheffield, we found that large parts of the city had been without power due to the storm. I remember that Ken was bitterly disappointed that we had to cut the trip short, and we promised that we'd have another bash. We never did though. I've got a photo of us all later that Summer at Roger's sixteenth birthday party, it shows a very happy group of lads and lasses. Golden days! Once again very sad to hear he's gone. I remember him fondly as a very pleasant, easygoing happy lad. R. I. P. Ken.
  8. Went to the reunion today. Many thanks to David France! It was good to see some of the old faces again from my year, Roger walker, Keith Spooner, and of course David France. From the year after, there were Ian Brelsford, Frank Turner, Malcolm Gladwin, Ralph Holmes and Dave Storf(sp?). There were lots more from other years, David is I think going to post a list of everyone. Some of the girls attended, including Sandra Cook and Valerie Shaw. An ex-pupil who used to live at the top of our road was also there, Tony Foulds who has been in the the news lately regarding his dedication to the Mi Amigo memorial in Endcliffe park over all these years. It was a pleasure to meet him again after all this time. We also had a very tasty "school dinner" in the cafe, good value for money. Once again, thanks to David for organizing things.
  9. Thanks, I have checked before, but I'll try again and see if any have been added.
  10. Can any of you tell me how I can get hold of a photograph of the old cottages which used to stand almost opposite Heeley Church on Gleadless Road. I think they were knocked down in either the late fifties or early sixties I've searched Picture Sheffield, but no luck. There must be some record of them somewhere, I hope some one can point me in the right direction. My wife and her brothers and sisters lived there as children, and would love to see aphoto of them.
  11. I can't match that, but I can remember going to the corner shop at the bottom of our road for a haporth of balm. You older ones will remember that's half an old penny.
  12. My dad worked at Hill Brothers as a holloware buffer just before retiring, then went back part time after my mum died. My dad's cousin owned half the business of Hill Brothers. He too was a holoware buffer.
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