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  1. Hi, my cat is a tabby and has been missing since yesterday... I've just called Park Vets and they've not had a cat brought in, can you please contact me? He has a microchip in - its Anibase. thank you!
  2. aswind - Blue Banana is as good as Claire's Accessories. The people who do it are shop assistants. Mr Personality also has a bad reputation for infection and is also a bit of an intimidating tattoo place. If you want a really good job in a safe, friendly environment, I cannot stress how much you should go to Feline just off Ecclesall Road (it's on Hickmott Road). It's a tattoo place but it's owned and run by a woman, and is bright and colourful and friendly. I've had my nose pierced there and the piercing room is clean and hygienic, the piercer friendly, and the whole experience is very nice!
  3. yeah - you get in next when someone comes out. They won't flout H&S even for special people like us with wristbands
  4. I've got a press pass, it's the same deal. You get queue jump at any event but if it's at capacity you still have to wait for someone to come out before you go in. But you still get to jump past everyone else.
  5. I'm a Jobcentre employee, the woman is a bloody disgrace. She's made a fortune out of the misery of the unemployed whilst forging a company that's privatised the Jobcentre. Helping people back into work should be a public sector and social issue, not one that helps make profit for idiots like her.
  6. This whole apartheid in reverse thing is laughable. You can't turn this type of prejudice on its head - I'm not suggesting that it was your intention but this is exactly the type of argument regularly leveled by the far right (e.g. BNP) when they talk about black on white racism, or the white people in the UK being 'endangered'. The reason that Gay Pride exists and Straight Pride doesn't is because gay, or LGBT people have suffered (and still do suffer) from prejudice and discrimination as a minority and so it is an equality issue. A further example is the situation where universities are coming up against the proposal to have a 'men's officer' sabbatical position because they have a women's officer. If you can't see why this is a problem for liberation then there's not a lot more explaining to be done...
  7. Inception 9.5/10 - near perfect. I LOVED IT
  8. I went with a large work group around Christmas and we thought the staff were really rude - it was all prepaid and they were constantly trying to get us to buy more drinks (a large number of the group were Muslim and they kept pushing alcohol) as I assume they wanted to make more money out of us on the night.
  9. Post also available on lovesheffield. Hehehe. Shame more restaurants didn't turn up - do we know reasons why? There's so many amazing restaurants about London Road I'm quite surprised!
  10. I attended Pride last year with friends of all flavours of sexuality (LGBTQ, straight, owt else...) and we all had a great time! My only criticisms would be the lack of political stalls - I was pleased to see trade unions there with their LGBT strands but maybe inviting a few more would be good, and also less of the cheesey pop bands - the LGBT community isn't necessarily keen on the cheese - just get some good bands!
  11. As someone who worked in function catering for years and has eaten at Baldwins it left a lot to be desired. Definitely dated, their DJs are rubbish and the menus are YAWN - salmon and strawberries? It's like an 80s throwback. Function catering menus are so boring, I could literally write one right now and it'd be the carbon copy of menus up and down the country.
  12. I'm really excited about Tramlines! My fellow bloggers and I at lovesheffield (see below) are reviewing various events and so I have a press pass to maximise my enjoyment! Roll on Friday night!
  13. Yeah its true often ketchup pots and stuff they do in pub foodie places often get wasted. better to ask for more. Besides if it's fresh guacamole it'll soon go brown if left for long so again best to make it fresh!
  14. Well I'm glad I'm moving out of the area, I hate walking past busy pubs on my way home!
  15. Since reading Komals above review I am anticipating a yummy mexican feast asap!
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