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  1. Well, I'd LOVE if my boss told me I could put my head down & have a post-lunch nap - and I certainly wouldn't be humiliated!
  2. I regularly travel from Manchester airport, using either Ryanair or Aer Lingus - trains direct to the airport are hourly (though of course indirect trains via Manchester are more frequent), and it's really no hassle at all. You could also use Leeds, Liverpool, East Midlands (AFAIK), but it's far more straightforward and hassle-free to use Manchester...
  3. Oh come on, be fair! She never led Shree or Marcus on, they're just two idiotic fools who can't stand not getting their own way, and who judge others as they would not like to be judged themselves. In all the episodes Ive watched, never once have I seen Nóirin do anything with Shree or Marcus into which normal blokes would read anything other than friendship - unlike Marcus and Shree, who are both very emotionally abusive. With Siavash, however, she's been unfair - he's such a sweetie!
  4. I'm not normally one to get angsty about this sort of thing. But I've been listening to Radio 4 for ~21 hours a day this week, while glued to my laptop madly writing my thesis, and they've been banging on about it so often, that I've built it up to HUGE proportions in my head! I wouldn't mind so much, but I'm flying back home to my parents' house once my thesis is done, where my dad's terminal cancer has aboud 2 month max left. He's well enough at the moment, but I'm now terrified that I'll pick up the flu on the trip home, and bring it home to him, and that I'll then be responsible for speeding up the whole death thing - and instead of just slipping into a coma in a month or so, he'll spend his last days feeling rotten.... Oh God, I hope not! And I'm fully aware how irrational I'm being
  5. I was having perishables delivered to me once, and and the postie left a note saying the parcel was in the blue bin. Fair enough, I thought, as I went to get it from the bin. But nope, it wasn't in it. I spent weeks puzzling over it, asked all the neighbours to check their bins, and even contacted the local office, who only told me to ring back another time. Anyway, weeks and weeks later, while she was getting something from the coal shed at the end of our garden, my friend found the parcel. Waaaaaay too late - and definitely not in the blue bin! Grrrr!
  6. Damien Lewis, him from Grey's Anatomy, and Paul Bettany are all lovely!
  7. Oh he's such a t!t, it did my head in! And if he believes that Karly asking for her pill to be handed back to her was indicative of something more sinister than the simple request I'm sure it was, he clearly knows very little about how/why women take the pill, shame on him! I'm thrilled he's gone, coz now we no longer have to listen to him pontificating in his stupid voice and annoying accent, woohoo!
  8. Hecate is spot on, in my opinion. I'm guessing your son is no mind-reader, in which case there is no way he could have known your expectations unless you specifically communicated them to him at some point. Regardless, I think your behaviour was childish and rude. If you have a bone to pick with your son (in your eyes, anyway), then so be it - do so in an appropriate, rational and grown-up way. However there was no need to embarrass the poor girl like that, it was just nasty and cruel. She deserves an apology from you.
  9. Lemon Jelly in tent at the Electric Picnic festival in Ireland years ago - I could've die happy that night, twas almost spiritual!
  10. I hate the term 'ginger' - it's so offensive, used as it is over here. Back home, all folk with red hues are simply 'red heads', and what's wrong with that?! Anyhoo, I do find it incredibly attractive, and always do a double-take if some nice red-headed bloke walks past - yum! I used to dream of waking up red headed as a child, and have since resorted to dye - but would love to keep the sadly diminishing gene pool alive by having red headed sprogs - so cute! Not that hair colour has ultimate importance, natch
  11. Erm, they're perfectly entitled to be here - much as you would be if you decided to take your family and move to Germany, Ireland, France or Poland.... Anyway, my experience of Polish folk is that they were a hell of a lot harder than many folk over here.
  12. THey've brilliant exercise 'playgounds' for old people in China, with lots of simple but fun things to get the blood pumping - my favourite were sorta like cross-trainers that you swung on, I loved 'em! Of course, over there you see the old peeps out in the parks socialising and exercising at ridiculous o'clock in the morning, something I doubt you'd find happening over here... Regardless, I doubt I'll ever be too old to enjoy swings, you can never have too many about the place, IMO!
  13. Go on your own! I never feel that I'm standing out like a sore thumb when I go there alone - have a nice relaxed drink beforehand, maybe something to eat, flick through their programme to plan your next month's viewing, flick through the varied books on sale, and then enjoy the show!
  14. Only approx 10% of suffers have relatives similarly afflicted - although a friend pointed out a photo of MJ's eldest son, apparently with some patching on his hand, so who knows whether or not he too has it. But yeah, the hats, masks, umbrellas, long clothes and sun glasses all help many vit sufferers live 'normal' lives without excessive sun exposure. The surgery thing hadn't occurred to me, but it makes sense!
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