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  1. Enjoy reading all your memories of Attercliffe, brought a lot of my own back. I was born on Saville Street and enjoyed my trips up The Cliff . But Please!!! stop calling the railway bridge Norfolk Bridge. This bridge is in fact on Leveson Street, theres even a plaque on it saying Norfolk Bridge.
  2. OPPS!! Sorry wrong one, went to the Girls. It was late when I read your message,but thats no excuse.
  3. Hi Siren, Yes it was sad , but going on other things my gran said they should have been hung for something else just didnt get caught . Think grans guilt was more to do with who didnt get hung for it . She said he was a very nasty man . One thing I didnt belive was that the pub she was born at was nicknamed The Flood because the flood waters had filled the cellars that night. Going on your info she was right , AGAIN !
  4. Sorry my Gran was born at The Royal George 167 Greystock Street. Siren said their family's house on Greystock street pulled down 1860 to make way for new steel work's I was just replying to them . Case of wires crossed, shall we start again ? But what you asked could have applied to my Step mum Elsie as she was born on Princess Street in 1908 . YES before anyone get's there calculators out, my Dad was a toyboy before the term was even invented . In fact Elsie went to School with my Gran ! And if you want to be even more confused my dad's mum , my paternal grandmother used to go to the George to babysit my maternal grandmother . Ive got a very confusing family !
  5. Sorry, but have tried to send it TWICE, had some gremlin's. MY WISH I wish you Health , I wish you Wealth , I wish you '' Gold in Store '' I wish you '' Heaven after Earth '' ' And ! Let me wish once more. I wish that tear's may pass you by , That, '' I'n Your Heart '' You never sigh , And, '' I'n '' That heart to Alway's Be , '' A Place '' That is kept Apart By You '' For Me'' !!!
  6. Yes I do know '' who dunit '' but dont think I should name names, do you ? Tell you what I'll go half way S.G does that help ? By the way the weapon was never found, every one thinking it got thrown into the don on S.G's get away. But my gran saw that too. Down a cellar grate , a friend of '' his '' seeing as no one said '' look what I've found ''. Have you got your date right ? 1860, only street still intact 1908 when my gran was born .
  7. I have a '' Love Letter '' sent to one of my ancesters , along with photo and phone number. It was sent ( delivered by hand ) at least 50 yrs ago . What I'd like to know is was it self penned or a verse from a well known poem . It's title is '' MY WISH ''.
  8. Hi , Kazisindahouse 25 was at the end that came out on Attercliffe Road . My dad married Elsie Hill nee Ward who either lived 21 or 25, can't remember which . They very likely knew your gran as Elsie lived there from 1908 till about 1965, and my dad was born in Greystock Street . Afraid too late to ask them now . And afraid 1930's is just a little before my time !! What I do remember though (from 1950's to 1960's ) is a long terrance of very neat houses , all with white doorsteps and green shiny door's . Every one was very house proud around there inspite of all the grime from the factorys . As a matter of interest one of the girls in the Human League was born in that terrace , Joanne I think .
  9. Hey KINGFISHER , your right ! I thought it exited on to princess street cause my gran said she stepped outside just as Plommer was being killed with a bayonet . ( she actually saw who did it , but my grandad would never let her tell , '' what do you want, a cellar grate through the pub window or worse '' ) She felt guilty about that for the rest of her life . Did you live around there ? Maybe you knew some of my family . I was born at the Norfolk Arms at the other end of Princess Street .
  10. Regarding Lizzie Ward's friends the camel's , they belonged to my Grt Grandfathers brother Thomas Oxley. He worked on Stanley Street , just off the Wicker . In the photo he's the one at the front holding on . The picture was taken to advertise his work's & Tommy Wards .
  11. Thanks Max & Tony for your replys . The LOCAL FIELDS was situated just before the railway bridge ( wrongly called by some as norfolk bridge ) as you look up Attercliffe Road from the Wicker, and was set back further than other buildings around it ,one of the doors leading out onto princess street . As a matter of interest my mother was born there 74yrs ago today 04.01.04.
  12. Working on my family tree and like if pos to add pictures . Have a photo of house my Grt Grt Grandfather was born (1854 ) but cannot find one of the place my mother was born , LOCAL FIELDS ,149 Attercliffe Road . Have tried Sheffield Libary , and the Lost Sheffield pubs site . Also bought books , like A Pub On Every Corner, but cannot find it . Can anyone out there HELP !!!
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