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  1. I thonk everyone will have done something they regret but they will also have to had live with the outcome.
  2. Maybe this bloke has a job working away, you dont mention that you see him somewhere else at the times he is not living at his house. Have a word with him the next time you see him about the noisey TV.
  3. Unless this car was parked on yellow lines or some other no parking/stopping area and you had hit his door, who do you think the insurance would have laid the blame on!. You, because you were travelling too close to stationary vehicles
  4. . Sorry but he decided to stay on the tram and start fighting with these 2 blokes, the outcome however "unlucky" was a direct result of Dave getting drunk and violent. No matter how good a person he is when not drunk, this time it has ended in a bad way for some poor bloke instead of Dave, we all have to take responsibility for our actions this bloke included.
  5. The sentence should be the same as the crime, let this thug be brain damaged for the rest of his life let his family look after him. See how it really feels
  6. Religions are a means of the weak to somehow justify there being and for the few to control the masses.
  7. Thought! You should have been at least 3ft from the parked car.:loopy Closest shave, behind a hgv that jack knifed on the M1
  8. If they are so devoted to there faiths then why are they going around burgling peoples houses, are they redistributing wealth or some other Robin hood type of deed! I dont think that honest Muslims will think that these people are devoted to there faith.
  9. Here is a nice little device that will scare the theiving little gits off, and totally legal, easy to make and cheap. http://www.henrykrank.com/section%208%20security%20equipment%20reduced.pdf Scum that break into peoples houses have no upbringing at all and more than likley they will be adicted to smack or some other drug.
  10. You seem to think that the majority of Iraqis wanted to keep Sadam, yes the population may be well ****** at the present situation but that is the effect of Islamic extremists and foreign Islamic governments funding and supplying either side Sunni and Shia terror groups which kill and attack Muslims and non Muslims alike. If there was not this foreign input into the terrorist’s hands do you not think that this would have been over by now and the Iraqi people would now be getting on with a life of freedom and democracy? I only want the people to leave this country who would want to change it for the worse, i.e.; making this country just like the one they left for here and now they are here and settled with a few quid in the bank want to turn it into the country they arrived from. If the extremists, who would have this country under Sharia law wanted to make us all equal, make all our lives better then I could understand but they don’t.
  11. It says on the site that they receive funding from, Sheffield Primary Care Trusts, Sheffield City Council, Comic Relief and other trust funds, The Tudor Trust and the Elton John UK Charitable Trust. Thats quite a bit of funding there, my problem with things like this is you are trying to raise money by spending a fortune on fancy hiking trips etc. Fair enough if it was Kylie in those shorts doing it the a couple of grand for a trip up Everest would be worth it, but is it a cost worthy exercise.?
  12. To be honest, if she tried squeezing my balls she would have got more than 5 on the arm. But im not a copper.
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