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  1. there is one indian on abbeydale road, near london road. ordered once, and i swear there was phlegm mixed in with the sauce when i was eating it, which was like a watery soup anyway. awful. never again.
  2. its exactly that attitute that will hold england back from ever doing anything significant ever again in our lifetimes! ps: i never said crouch was a similar player to viera i just think hed be well suited in a utility attacking midfield sort of role. hes not got bad feet but his finishing leaves a little to be desired!
  3. for instance, crouch would be better in a sort of utility midfield role i think, almost like a viera role instead of this 'lets hit him with a longball and hope his weak header dribbles in'. johnson and rooney upfront barton carrick defensive midfield, barry out on the left, lennon on the right bridge, woodgate, p.neville back 3 foster in goal. 3-5-2
  4. of course you can blame mclaren he isnt merely a scapegoat, his team selection was awful! granted english players havent the technical ability or overall potential of some other national teams, but with the right selections and formations theres no reason at all why they wouldnt stand as good a chance as any other team. i always think a team isnt about the sum of the parts (mclarens mentality) more how the individual components interact. so basically a well put together team of mediocre players could outplay a team thrown together of big names. mclaren opts for the latter. 4-3-3? what a load of cobblers. england aint gonna go nowhere until they are managed by someone with enough balls to try something different and daring. but with people like mclaren we will continue to see the same tired 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 rubbish and see the england squad crash and burn in early stages of tournaments like whats been going on for years and years and years.
  5. lampard needs culling from the squad. time to move on frank. overated. soon as barton came on the energy of the squad shifted dramatically, lampard just brings a stale stagnant mood to the squad. doesnt ever really do anything good apart from the very occasional flukey 30 yard goal deflected off a defenders thigh. mclaren is a waste of space too. team selection is awful. england have a lot of untapped potential.
  6. i need to see some live rock /indie. been too long. any news of any good stuff coming up apart from NME tomorrow?
  7. whereabouts is the power league in sheffield? i used to have a power league team in london, werent too great mind lol some mid-table business. i need to play football but all my football friends are down in london and i dont really know many people in sheffield. its a sad state of affairs, im wasting away
  8. i went but there was no tickets apart from touts, i just went home. what was it? was there live music? any good? also what time did it go on until? was a bit gutted to have to go home, looked to be a good crowd going in there...
  9. they played all the classics. its a singles tour to coincide with new 'best of' compilation It was so good that I hastily bought more tickets for the sold out london brixton academy gig last friday.... but It was RUBBISH in comparison venue was jam packed with ****y tense coked-up wa**ers, didnt even come close to the octagon gig at all, even the sound was s**t overall, night just left a bitter taste in my mouth ======================================== the sheffield gig was as close to perfect as I culdve hoped for. vibes, crowd, atmosphere, sound, acoustics, lighting - everything 100% shoulda quit while I was ahead and not bought more tickets
  10. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=charlatans+sheffield&search=Search
  11. its awful. what kind of life is it living there man, you really have to ask yourself. living on a knife edge.
  12. yes. london is not normal. so many ****as everywhere of all ages, sizes and sexes. its unreal. :loopy: its impossible to set foot in london without increasing blood pressure.
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