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  1. Training to be an educator themselves? Totally agree with you though, as I posted earlier, some positions require/will always require prior academic knowledge that can only be obtained from a degree. My point exactly, the system would work far better if it was set up that relevant positions/placements were obtained with an employer prior to beginning the degree (I suppose this would be an implementation of a wide-scale intern-ship system), which then lead to a full time paid job upon graduation with that employer. People doing the required degree for the job they have already secured and industry/organisation can only benefit as they have an exact suitable graduate for their business/organisation and the 'noddy' degrees disappear.
  2. Fair enough, thanks. I agree with you when you say 'Although, it is common to find graduates blocked by colleagues without that have reached their level of incompetence'. I see this a lot too. This is why (I posted several posts ago), personally I'd prefer to see the entire system radically changed into something along the lines of that someone obtains a position/placement with an employer first as a apprentice/trainee or something like that, on a rolling recruitment process, and then attends University to obtain the relevant degree for that position (which will mean they then take up a full time position with the employer once they have graduated). Don't ask me how it would work, it's just an idea I have thought about, and I feel that would work far better as people are then being educated to degree level for the a position they have already secured and so it would address the issue of the large number of graduates who are unable to find positions relating to their studies. Could also move some of the cost onto the employer, which wouldn't always be an additional cost to the employer. Reason for this is, we spend thousands training graduates anyway to bring them into line with industry and the world outside a classroom. If University education was led more from an employer and industry perspective, then we would have no need to train/retrain graduates as they will already be focused for the position/placement they secured prior to beginning the degree. Massive radical change I know, but somethings got to change.
  3. Erm yeah I agree, but the point I was raising in my post was that just because someone has a degree, it doesn't mean in anyway that they are 'better qualified', and certainly doesn't mean they should or could replace people in existing positions who don't hold degree's, as the post I was responding to was suggesting. As I said in my previous I accept certain positions require the academic knowledge obtained from a degree, but there seems to be a very generalised, snobbish, arrogant, attitude that a degree suddenly means that person can do a job better than someone doing the same job who doesn't have one, and that isn't the case for every profession.
  4. Total and utter rubbish, I agree some professions require the academic knowledge that can only be obtained from a degree, but being a graduate does not automatically make someone better qualified, all it means is they studied, passed and now have a degree. It certainly doesn't mean they are eligible or even qualified to replace someone without a degree. That's an all too common snobbish arrogant attitude that comes with/from University education. Just as an example, take mosts sections of the I.T. industry, a degree is viewed as having a basic grounding/theory knowledge/qualification. I.T. graduates are usually regarded as bottom of the ladder, trainees. To actually be viewed as 'qualified', you need to obtain professional industry qualifications in the relevant technology areas. *To clarify I am University educated before anyone suggests otherwise.
  5. Second this. The system needs to change all together. Personally I think it would make more sense for School/College leavers to secure positions with employers as apprentices/trainees or something similar and then attend university as required for that position.
  6. End of Empire Road/Bedale Road (Tesco Express End)/Picture house/traffic light crossing. Police as always gave a crime number, said 'somebody will come out straight away'....Police appears 30/40 mins later......Then get a call back later saying they came out but couldn't find the people doing it.
  7. Pffft already done before I even posted on here...Yeah got a nice little collection of crime numbers now, as have several neighbours.....Still yet to see anything done. Post was to make people aware and keep any eye for themselves.
  8. The idiots of Nether Edge/Abbeydale Road are celebrating the Halloween/bonfire night season with their latest pastime of throwing fireworks at people walking along Abbeydale Road and at/under cars...Words simply fail me!!! Watch out for yourself
  9. Well judging by a number of posts on this thread there is no crime in Sheffield, no incidents have happened, no-one has come to any harm, there is no reason to even think that there may be anything of concern at all, anything printed in any newspaper, syp reports is pure fabrication, things like that don't happen in Sheffield, anyone who doesn't feel safe is just being paranoid, it's all ok because Sheffield is no worse than anywhere else according to many other post. Anyone who dares to suggest crime took place is obviously a liar and just there to feed the hysteria, there's no fact, no truth of any kind that crime happens in Sheffield.....Sorry wait if it does do, it's ok because it happens elsewhere. Wow....I feel much safer
  10. The area I live in (Abbeydale Road/Nether Edge), certainly doesn't feel safe to me at night. As well a number of other areas and parts of the centre that 10-15 years ago I always felt safe in, I now don't and am very wary. I can handle myself in most situations, but I'm not naive enough to believe that there will never be a situation that I may not be able to handle, to me that's just being complacent. Yes I agree that things may get hyped up by the media, but it can't be denied that there have been a number of stabbings, assaults, couple of recent murders in Sheffield and that for me is very worrying. Myself and my family aim to be leaving Sheffield as soon as we are able, it's not somewhere that we want to bring up our son.
  11. BT own PlusNet, took them over years ago:- http://usergroup.plus.net/news_070124_bttakeover.php
  12. Have a look at the map - http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/EasySite/lib/serveDocument.asp?doc=98001&pgid=111519 http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/EasySite/lib/serveDocument.asp?doc=98002&pgid=111519 Large sections of Abbeydale Road come under Nether Edge. The Nether Edge Ward covers even more - http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/EasySite/lib/serveDocument.asp?doc=97996&pgid=111519
  13. Somebody did add a link:- http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showpost.php?p=6790322&postcount=36
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