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  1. I loved bella brides - really down to earth and very relaxed. I must have tried on 15 dresses. No pressure and they know what will suit you. Lyndsey was really lovely. Pronuptia were surprising good too after hearing they were a bit stuck up. Think it depends who you get - kelly lovely!
  2. As long as they are State Registered you'll be fine with any - look in the yellow pages
  3. Thanks for all the advice i'll call olive grove depot in the morning. Im sure its her though. Just sad i couldn't bury her. If she was run over badly like the man who found said she had maybe the microchip was damaged and couldn't be read.
  4. A cat has been found dead that fits the description of my cat who has been missing for nearly a week. She was run over. Someone called the council who took it away - rather than the number on her collar - and they say they scan cats and contact the owners. Where do they taken them and how can i find out for sure its my cat?
  5. I got one off ebay for about £30 - they are called "Sheila Maids". To buy new there can be upto £80 depending on the size you want. They are great thought if you have a high ceilings.
  6. Jennie80 - "smug married" is just a phrase from Bridget Jone's Diaries. It's just a but of fun. This thread has turned very serious! Thanks for all your advice x
  7. Thinks he's a bit old for me - but thanks for the helpful comment
  8. Being picky is good - to my friends who are in relationship who say im too picky - i say- well weren't you??? or have you just settled??
  9. Im not bitter at all about my friends being smug marrieds - glad for them all. Its just that they all say - "yer i know someone whod be perfect for you" but then never do anything about it. Got a few single friends but its not something i look for in friends - whether they are single or not. So all you good looking single men - where are you!!!?
  10. Anyone got any good ideas about how to find a mate in Sheffield? Ive tried internet dating to no avail, would never do speed dating - friends say im too picky. Friends are useless at trying to hook me up with anyone they know. They are all smug marrieds. Want a man who is independent - NOT NEEDY!
  11. Ive got all my channels but intermittantly it cuts out them a few seconds later comes back - very annoying. I had a new ariel last year.
  12. Already read that - its a different problem. Could it be the weather?
  13. Is anyone encountering signal loss on digital freeview - im in Walkley
  14. My BLAUPUNKT 2040 radio/cassettee/cd has just broken in my 206 and i need a reaplacement. Does anyone know where can i find an exact replacement? If i get a compeletly new stereo one how will it fit the huge space left by the original one? Any ideas welcome
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