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  1. hi folks. Thanks for your enthusiasm and interest! here's an edit of the event! http://www.youtube.com/signpostwriters slideshow of photos to follow and will post here thanks again
  2. don't think so. He runs Signposts writers development project and is in his 50s. You never know with matt though!
  3. Posted on behalf of Sheffield performance poet, Matt Black... Please spread the word and send this on as you like..... Huge flash mob event this Saturday 9th oct at 1pm sharp outside Sheffield Town Hall as part of the OFF THE SHELF LITERATURE FESTIVAL - please help us spread the word for folk to come and join us by letting people know via twitter, facebook, email, homing pigeon, snail mail, telepathy or however else! All ages and folk welcome, just bring a book! Instructions here: http://www.cubeweb.org.uk/Weare.pdf Matt (Black) x
  4. I've just posted this as well if you want to comment, thanks http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=523242
  5. hi there, I'm looking for some comments about independant shops you like in sheff. comments on any of the below would be great for an art project... 1. favourite independent shops in sheffield and why? 2. what independant shops offer over large retailers? 3. Any nice/interesting/funny/strange stories re shopping you'd like to share 4. Anyone who's been shopping in the same shop for years and knows them well. You can send me a message or reply here Cheers!
  6. It's just a little art project looking at how people shop and whether there's more of a community around independent shops. Yep 'party on' is great, same guy owns it as rocky's
  7. we're trying to get young people involved in particular, we're not being ageist
  8. hi there looking to speak with new and old freshman's customers for an art project on independant shops in sheff. If that's you, please send me a message asap. We're looking to interview and photograph those interested too. Don't worry it's not for radio! thanks
  9. Hi there, We're looking to talk to long time or faithfull customers of rocky horrors the goth/alternative shop on sheff's division st. It's for an art project on a few independent shops in sheffield. It's been with us a fair time (19 years I think), so really keen to get both newer customers and people who've been shopping there for years. We're looking for two things… 1. Customers any age to come down this Sunday 8th to be interviewed and photographed - you can come any time between 12 and 4pm. Even better if you want to dress for a photo 2. A small number of young people (male and female) to model items from the rocky horror shop. If interested, send me an email asap. Models of all shapes and sizes welcome.
  10. thanks kel-lou. I'm hoping for someone who has hair like me to have a particular person who did a good job of their hair but I might go and have a look if I'm over that way thanks again
  11. I've got very thick long wavy hair and I want to get it layered by someone who knows thick hair. I don't want them to straightner or dry it as straightners have damaged my hair loads and I want to get it back to how it was. Is there anyone out there with my kind of hair who has had a good layer cut? Thanks for help, vicky
  12. Strange request I know but...I've a girl on work experience who's looking at the history of witches and we thought it would be good to interview a present day witch and look at how things have changed. Anyone who follows, or knows anyone who follows the wiccan? religion, please get in touch ASAP. Cheers vicky:help:
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