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  1. I implied no such thing, I simply stated the facts, Harwood's actions led to a death. MANSLAUGHTER= no intent.
  2. Possibly. Academic, since he did die as a result of Harwood's actions.
  3. they knocked on my door yesterday and said no form had been returned. I said I never got one. She gave me another, I put it in the recycling bin.
  4. I'm quite a large chap but I keep myself to myself. This can sometimes provoke people who have a tendency to bullying, they see passivity as a challenge. Tomlinson refused to cower before the rampaging Harwood. Look at Tomlinson's demeanour, he's not aggressive at all, he almost ignores Harwood completely! Harwood, being a nutjob who refused to wait in the van, saw this as a challenge. He was outraged at Tomlinson ignoring him and not being frightened off him, so harwood drew his baton and smashed Tomlinson on the leg. Even this didn't provoke a reaction, which of course infuriated Harwood, as it would enrage all bullies. So Harwood killed him.
  5. In Sienna Miller's case they bugged her phone, Jude Law's phone, her agent's two phones, her mum's phone and her friend's phone. So some sweaty NOTW hack is listening to every aspect of your life. £100k? Really?
  6. The TSG appear to be out of control, Harwood certainly was. Say a member of the public pushes a TSG officer and they subsequently die. What would happen?
  7. So how could you tell the difference? Are you admitting you made the story up? You accused foreign health workers of serious medical breaches that would result in disciplinary procedures, now you're admitting it isn't true?
  8. What would you say distinguishes Tanzanians from Kenyans or Zambians?
  9. News International accept defeat: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23939925-news-of-the-world-owns-up-to-string-of-phone-hack-cases.do Clifford got a million, if I was a wealthy sleb I'd tell NI to get stuffed and see you in court. What's £100k to Hugh Grant, Jemima Khan, Jude, Sienna and Prescott?
  10. It's pretty easy to tell if someone's an anglo-saxon, you can distinguish Tanzanians and Filipinos, that's impressive!
  11. I reckon he must be notorious down the hospital for demanding staff give him their country of birth.
  12. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23939850-riot-police-roughed-up-nine-year-old-boy-in-the-street.do Met police riot officers are being investigated over claims that they used excessive force after stopping a nine-year-old boy and two older cousins who were driving home from a classic car rally. Two of the cousins say they suffered bruising and abrasions after being pulled over because the driver was using a mobile phone. The nine-year-old alleges he was dragged out of the vehicle roughly. He was not injured. The cousins' Ford Sierra Cosworth was stopped at about 10pm on Tuesday, March 1 as they approached the A40 at Hanger Lane, Alperton. Five or six officers from the Territorial Support Group ordered them out of the car. The older pair, aged 24 and 14, said that officers used excessive force while detaining them and they suffered facial and other injuries. The 24-year-old driver accepted a fixed penalty notice for using a mobile phone while driving.
  13. Yep, cos hospitals routinely have oxygen pipes trailing along on the ground. Why are you making up nasty racist stories that can't be true? How on earth can you claim to know where every foreign nursing staff you meet comes from?
  14. Also, a hypocrite who posts dishonest lies aboput people then calls then "terrorist sympathisers".
  15. You must be famous at the hospital, they way you instantly discover what country the staff came from! Do you give them a questionaire to fill in?
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