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  1. Bold street is very good, there is a service tonight at 7.30 open circle. Wednesday afternoon at whitham road at 1.30 and 7.30 open circle. Both really friendly churches.
  2. Thanks for your replies, she has not much choice as her bill is over £800 so looks like a meter has to be fitted. She hasn't paid a bill in 18 months.
  3. Asking for a friend, she is in a private rented house and wanting to have a electric pre-payment meter fitted, does she has to ask the landords permission to have this done are not. Thank you.
  4. Hair spray is good for removing pen ink
  5. Menoroca is lovely, well worth a visit
  6. I use puppy training pads for my puppies and i think they are really good. I move the pad nearer to the door and i always put a USED pad outside in the garden, also take the puppy outside as much as possible. Always take a puppy outside are use the pad when they first wake up and after a meal. Never rub there nose in it, Puppys need a lot of patience and praise.
  7. Closing thread by request of the OP
  8. That is really good news cll23 am right pleased Happy endings thats what we like,
  9. What area to deliver to as i am right over in rotherham, maybe someone more local can help
  10. Hi, i have a single air bed that inflates to the size of a single bed u can borrow that if its any good. Its a aero bed with pump that u plug in and it inflates in a minute.
  11. She is so gorgous i think she looks double of her daddy
  12. They are £59.99 in netto, and £79.99 with enclosure
  13. Seen a netto leaflet today and they have trampolines coming in
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