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  1. Myself and my wife observed 'something' over Swallownest in March. The Rotherham Advertiser were not interested and as such I assume that they 'knew' what it was. My thoughts turned to 'unmanned drones' and have since found out that private companies are now licensed to operate drones in UK airspace. As such I think we can expect to see more 'unusual flying objects' in the future.
  2. I have a die cast model of a 'Spitfire' which my wife inherited from her father who was in the RAF during WW2. It is around 7 inches high and is mounted on a metal plinth. We imagine that it is some sort of demob item. I have seen a similar model in Newark museum and that is of a 'Lancaster' bomber. Does anyone know for certain what these were for?
  3. Was there a 'beer off' on Addy St.? My father used to live there. Is the name Florrie Hammond associated with this 'beer off'. Has anyone any information?
  4. NORFOLK PARK BOWLING CLUB extend a warm welcome to anyone wishing to give the sport a try. Monday 11th. October 1-30pm to 4pm. Supertram stop is Park Grange Road. All equipment is provided. For those of the more mature years we say "Bowling Keeps You Going"
  5. As the 'Crown Green Bowling' season is just starting it might be worth giving the sport a try. Should a wheelchair be required then there are some available at Greenhill Club. See http://www.sdscba.co.uk for information on clubs.
  6. Try the bowling club at Hillsborough Park. They have plenty of members and I feel sure that you will be welcomed. Season opens at beginning of April and it has three greens. Just turn up any afternoon and I'm sure you will be welcome. I could PM you the secretary's phone number if you wish. Alternative might be the Wadsley Jack pub team. This is a smaller club attached to the actual pub but is only a single green.
  7. Saw Rolling Stones at City Hall. Good show but the most memorable thing was that a 'girl fan' managed to get onto the stage and grabbed Charlie Watts. To his credit he managed to carry on playing the drums!
  8. Re REX cinema being for the 'posh'. Suspect this was all down to the owner. I remember having to stand up to the National Anthem at the end of the film in the early sixties. Don't remember that happening at the one at Manor Top. Was this done at all cinema's? When did it die out? People were already sneaking off whilst it was being played at that time.
  9. I used to work with Bert (Herbie) Gorman on the telephones side of the GPO. Of course we used to go and see him play occasionally. He could certainly use the saxaphone and they were a great group. Is he still accompanying Pat Leslie?
  10. I think snagglepuss is thinking of 'fred hartleys' which was a chain of car spares shops.
  11. I can confirm that fred knaggs was a photographers on burngreave road. In 1961 i started with the gpo and we were sent there for our identity photos.
  12. Reference to 'underground bunkers' used in WW2 to their subsequent use against the threat of a nuclear war. In the underground cable chamber of the Sheffield Main Telephone Exchange there was a fully operational, 4 position manual switchboard to be used for communications in the event of a nuclear war. Also beds and dry rations. There were regular 'observer core exercises' which linked up posts around the country. A bit 'Dad's Army' but thank goodness they were never needed.
  13. Hello Sandie, Apparently email address at 'FREESERVE' doesn't exist.
  14. The system tells me I cannot send a personal message. Are you able to give me info on how to contact you to arrange things.
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