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  1. The weight has recently changed to 550 kilos.
  2. do as the locals do around my area... dump them in my back yard :'(
  3. reclame could be misspellt reklame , ie adverts... ikke hentet means 'not picked up'. In norway you can stop unsolicited advertisements by post and phone, like here, so it could have been misinterpreted as a spam mailing?
  4. Find me a link, i'd love to read! Aside from that, read here: http://www.darwinawards.com/legends/legends1998-12.html
  5. This is an urban legend, methane is non toxic (although obviously if you were breathing only methane you'ld die of asphyxiation). I think it's on darwin awards as well.
  6. i've come across this before, tricky to diagnose in a modern car - usually due to a failed sensor. Best off taking it to a garage where they can plug it into their computers and find out which is at fault. Has it been doing it much? Even after refuelling? (some cars don't like supermarket petrol 'apparently')
  7. well, some sites have areas where you can write specific instructions, or just write your road name as 'wilkinson st(inside ring rd)'
  8. Would that be your spitfire?
  9. What i'd do is pop down to maplins and buy a cheap multimeter (£10), and measure the voltage, with the engine off. Below 12v, it's getting knackered. Then start the engine, give it a slight rev, and it should read 14v+. If it doesn't, the charging circuit is knackered (unlikely in your case, but possible for others reading). If i drive my car short journeys with lights / heater on, i use more electricity than i generate, so after a few days my battery gets a bit low, even though both it and my charging circuit are fine.
  10. Unless your car is a high performance one, i think a standard 10w40 semi synthetic would be normal. See http://www.halfords.com/600.asp
  11. Or perhaps that chavs ought to be kept out of trouble. Stop trolling.
  12. squirrels are apparently a bugger to kill with an air gun, better off with a trap of some sort.
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