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  1. Not necessarily if the number has been spoofed (caller ID spoofing) to make it appear its a 0114 number when in fact you could be ringing anywhere, any tariff. https://www.bbb.org/en/us/article/news-releases/16670-a-new-kind-of-phone-scam-neighbor-spoofing
  2. I like the story about Lost Lad the legend of a young shepherd boy lost in the snow
  3. Unplug those damn infusion devices, I want to plug in my phone and tele
  4. Saw a company spraying UPVC window frames grey at a house on Beaver Hill Rd, a couple of weeks back. Can't remember company name but they had a sign up in garden, first time I'd seen this being done.
  5. Has anyone tried lobbying their local councillor regarding the traffic cams?
  6. Personally I would walk away, why should you inherit someone elses problem that could cause you further issues or should you wish to sell in the future. I wouldn't assume anything and have it checked properly. I imagine it could prove invasive by having to strip back plasterboards etc to gain access to look for supporting structures. The vendor may not be willing to do this. Think also if the chimney collapsed could it cause damage to next door? in which you could be faced with a claim from the neighbours. If this is a property you've set your heart on, you could negotiate a large reduction in the asking price to reflect this and having the issue rectified so that it wont cause you problems in the future.
  7. Personally if I was in your situation, which as you say could become complex with multiple parties, then it may be well worth employing the services of a Party Wall Surveyor, to serve the notices on your behalf. This may seem like an unwanted upfront cost but could well save you a lot of time and major headache and sleepness nights, plus you'll get the relevant advice. Personally I would recommend you having a chat with Rhys Taylor at Taylor Tuxford http://www.taylortuxford.co.uk/about-us/rhys-taylor I have used his services in the past when I had issues with an awkward neighbour trying to stop my extension. ---------- Post added 26-01-2017 at 23:52 ---------- I would check with the council first, as Jeffrey has said above you will need the relevant documentation should you sell the property or a neighbouring property may decide to kick up a stink in the future for whatever reason.
  8. Buy it from ebuyer, costs for than Win 10 though. http://www.ebuyer.com/store/Software/cat/Microsoft-Windows
  9. I have used and would recommend the services of Neil Fieldhouse, Plans for Extensions. http://www.plansforextensions.com/
  10. Handsworth Boys Football Club at Oliver’s Mount are currently negotiating with Sheffield Council to take over Handsworth Community Park in order to provide additional playing areas. The full extent of their proposals so far has been kept quiet and out of the local public eye, there has not as of yet even been a public consultation on the matter as this is a public park not private land. Local councillors appear to be unaware. The rumoured plans (not yet verified) currently circulating are: Ground to be modelled on Worksop Town’s new ground set up. Construct an access roadway and car park. Construct a community centre with bar and function room that can also be hired out by the public. Construct stands and install lighting around the pitches. Something on this scale will indeed take over the complete site! Depriving the local community of their valuable green open space, enjoyed by all for many years. This appears to be some kind of commercial enterprise, not just a club simply wanting to play football on the site. Handsworth Community Park is not some derelict or waste ground, it is a communal facility providing pleasure and leisure for all of the community. Handsworth Community Forum previously raised and spent £600,000 upgrading the park after years of neglect. Friends of Handsworth members can be seen every week carrying out maintenance duties in the park. “Friends of Handsworth” shall be holding a public meeting regarding the matter on: Thursday 11th September at 7.00pm in the Handsworth Methodist Church Where all Handsworth Residents can put forward their points of view on the matter. It’s Your Valuable open green space at risk.
  11. Hi, Keith Whitehead is a Consultant Automobile Engineer and Insurance Assessor as well as an expert witness for solicitors / courts etc. He's been in the business for many years, I would have thought he might have retired by now, but maybe he's still in business. I have used his services a couple of times in the past as an Insurance Assessor and expert witness. Charlotte Motors also did a good job of repairing my car. Sent you a PM with his contact details, hope this helps.
  12. Most traffic light controllers are fitted with remote lamp monitoring equipment and will automatically report lamp failures to the control centre via a telemetry system. Never seen any fitted with a secondary or reserve lamp maybe on railway signals. Road traffic signals usually consist of a single halogen lamp and once its gone its gone. However the lamp holder can often work loose and fall to the back of the reflector giving a dim signal and the impression that a reserve lamp is operating. LED signals are currently used in road traffic signals and have been for a number of years but probably not as much in Sheffield. Retro fitting into older traffic signal equipment has not been easy due to issues such as cost and compatibility with older lamp monitoring equipment.
  13. Unfortunately that map is old and out of date looks like its from 2001 there are quite a few new buildings that are not on that map and with the recent reallocation of services some departments / wards have also moved.
  14. I was in a similar situation to you earlier this year, I wanted to change to plastic as I was fed up of wooden guttering rotting and having to keep maintaining it on a regular basis etc. Next doors guttering was rotten and leaking so you couldn't reliably connect to it, they too were a bit funny about changing to plastic. Have you seen Twinplas It's a plastic replacement for wooden guttering with a similar profile whilst still keeping a traditional appearance, it's also a lot lighter than wooden guttering. They also supply connectors for connecting plastic to wooden and the necessary fixing brackets if required. Billy at GTRoofline fitted mine and next door's at the same time.
  15. As above I would also recommend John Briggs for rendering work, he did my property 2 years ago and a property across the road from me this year. www.rendermaster.co.uk
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