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  1. Hi there I need to find a work placement in the field of child psychology but i know this is very difficult so I have been advised to find a placemnt with children, this is because i wish to specialise in child psychology and a placement is required to pass my course, which I attend in Leeds but I live in Sheffield. If any one can contact me if they know of anything that could help me please please let me know. Its during the last 2 weeks of Jan 2009 for 5 days, and in any of the areas in or around sheffield as i have my own transport. Thank You
  2. I want to find out which is the best paintball site to go for a bithday as i wish to get my partner a day paintballing he lives in leeds so i dont want it too far away. He is in his 30's and i want him and his mates to have a great day shooting and different courses to go on. Can anyone help me out thanks sarah
  3. Im confused do the clocks go back tongith an hour? so it would now be 13.02 instead of 14.02?
  4. HELP! does any one know where i can get the belt, gun holster, toy guns from and a similar back pack to lara croft. I am finding it hard to find anyhting on ebay and dont have a clue where else to look in sheffield, the fancy dress costumes dont look good either. I neeed to find somehting before 28th of december as its for a fancy dresss party. If any one could help it would be very much appreciated.
  5. me and my partner are getting bored of having no where to go on a sunday, what is a good thing to do on a sunday? any nice places to visit for a few hours, any shows coming up? etc etc
  6. Hi everyone me and my friend are really wanting to have a good night in at a spa in sheffield or even in the surrounding areas. if anyone knows of any can you please let me know it would be appreciated becuase i cant seem to find any Many Thanks Sarah
  7. which is where? lol sorry dont really know the area that well
  8. I am starting college at the Norton site in September but i have found out that the Norton site does not privde parking for students, so does anyone know where yuo can park near the Norton site? Many Thanks
  9. Is Wasabisabi On London Road Any Good?
  10. its called clanktown becuase of the stell works at night and during the day when the steel works was in full form you use to be able to hear the clanging of steel when it was dropped
  11. right i will tell u...... Im 18 and alrewady have left stocksbridge i cud not stand the place and every chance i got to leave even for a few hours i would. Stocksbridge is going down becuase there is nothing to do so the teenagers get in to drink and drugs and have nothing better to do than to do petty things like messing with peoples cars, vandalism and crime. Then there's the adults of Stocksbridge, dont get me worng some of them are lovely but the only thing thayts accpetable to do in stocksbridge is drink at the several pubd that are not needed in a smal place like that. No one aspires to anyhitng more and this is becuase there is nothing to do and no approach or push in the community to do better because they are left out. Buses aswell, what all of 2 that go to town, 1 that goes to meadowhall, the council is just making it harder for people to aspire to anything! And there is always bloddy some road works going on somewhere which causes problems. I was not born in Stocksbridge but moved there when i was a child and all i remember doing as a child was nothing just walking around Stocksbridge with a big group. Also the bus routes and the inaccessablilty of Stocksbridge makes it harder to get jobs i have had many jobs turned down becuase they have said that there is not good transport in to town and that the buses are unreliable! I think what needs to be done is the encouragement to do better and more activites and get rid of one or two of the pubs because lets face it with the size of the village and community why do we need 9 pubs! if you put more entertianment and money into encouraging people to do better in the community then more jobs will be made and not just for adults something for the kids too, because if you get them interested in doing better early then its a much better start for them in life and a better quality of living overall is a better quality of life for the future. The place is just a down fall any ways, its not a happy place becuase on one is bothered about making 8it any better and this attitude needs to change, you need to inform people of the benifits of change and this way they will help make the change by changing their attitudes and you need to get in to schools as its better to target and change the attitudes of the next generation and with this can change the attitudes of the older generations. Basically: BETTER PUBLIC TRNASPORT, MORE ENTERTIANMENT WHICH INTURN CREATES MORE JOBS (CINEMA SUCH AS PENISTONES WOULD BE IDEAL)AND MUCH MORE, CREATIVE THINGS TO DO AND HELP SHOW PEOPLE CREATIVENESS, ENCOURAGEMENT OF BETTER THINGS (SHJOWING PEOPLE THEY CAN IMRPOVE AND BETTER THEMSELVES), BRIGHTEN UP STOCKSBRIDGE AS A WHOLE (MAKES THE MIND MORE STIMULATED AND A HAPPIER PLACE TO LIVE). GET KIDS ACTIVE AND INVOLVED ALSO SHOW KIDS AT AN EALRY AGE THE BAD EFFECTS OF DRUGS AND ALCHOL. GET RID OF A FEW PUBS. EVALUATE SHOPS TOO, THERE ARE TOO MANY TYPES OF SHOPS SUCH AS LOADS OF HAIR DRESSERS ETC NEED TO HAVE MORE VARIETY POSSIBLY MORE CLOTHES SHOPS OR EVEN A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE WITH CREATIVE TALENT CAN SELL THEIR THINGS SUCH AS CLOTHES OR JEWELLERY. LOOK AT THE STATE OF CERTAIN PARTS OF STOCKSBRIDGE/DEEPCAR AND ADDRESS ISSUES WHY ITS BETTER TO ADDRESS THE CAUSE THEN FIND A SOLUTION.
  12. lol where in high green you from i know lots of people in high green. ho old r u? ae you about 19?
  13. i will tell you what..... some people dont know how love feels and strive so much for that feeling of love that they make it up or mix it up with lust. Darling you are better off, and dont go calling her names or chasing her it will only make you look the stupid one. if she is so god damn heartless in the fact that she can most likely have cheated on you and then drop you and the other guy and then find someone else and then sya she is in love. Trust me the girl obviously is emotionally unstable or emotionally dead. if some one treated yu like that sorry to say but they didnt love you. she obviously never felt love. sorry to rant on but i have been hurt many a time in the past and learnt the very very hard way of how to deal with things. you just got to move on and forget it if you dont it will eat away at you and you will, if it has really hurt you, find it hard to open up or even feel for anyone again. People like your ex dont deserve to feel love.
  14. i eat fruit every day too. minimum of 1 fruit a day (i know i shud be having 5 but fruits exspensive) and i usually bring 2 pieces of fruit to work a day
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