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  1. well, someone saw Simon Cowell today, there in banner cross, which is she dont (the person who saw him)know that there will be an auditon 2day,? might not be fake?
  2. try my instructor,, Jack,, he's matured man, and never ever wasted any single minute of my lesson,,here's his number, try him,,07792156785, £18.00 per hr. its worth it,,
  3. i still learning at the mo, but my first instructor was a lady, when i scream coz i lost control of the car, she screamed louder than me !! when i panicked as i dont know what to do next,, she panicked as well,, lol she used to drive the car from my place (to pick me up) then drive the car back again to where she gonna teach me, then drives me home again,, so i said to myself,, she's learning , not me? oh yes , i dumped her,, after 3 weeks i have a new one now,, he's old, and did some shouts too, but no, he not screaming at me! and i feel very confident now! heheheheh !
  4. yeh, i went there last week, very busy,, i earned a bit,,lol,, although it was soo cloudy and a bit cold,, but ok,,
  5. Thanks a lot Kovacs-san,,,,Sccsux,,, ill follow ur advice,, thanks alot,,x
  6. and the other half was hidden,, how can i see it, and put it back?? any help pls??
  7. i agree,,, and beside,, Kerry katona??? very very WHO IS SHE????
  8. im not sure of women driving instructor now,, i have 6 lesson now, with woman driving ins, but i think, and i can see, she's nervous as me, im thinking of changing her soon,, but not sure who with, yet,?(any recommendation pls!)
  9. Takapuna good,, good food,, a bit expensive,, but try to ask them , maybe they give u discount,, bar matrix ,, sorry not been there yet
  10. try the LATE BAR,, near debenshire green,,in town,, its big and they allowed under 18,, its posh place, but cheap,,upstair is an indian buffet,,,nice food and cheap as well,, the bar is looked posh too, try it and have a look the place first ,,, and u decide ,,,
  11. smoke,,, smoke and smoke,, want sex,, but only do it myself,, is that a vice?lol
  12. try thier site,,, http://www.esporta.com/
  13. try esporta sheffield,, in millhouses,, theres sauna, steamroom, jacuzzi,,
  14. i'm always reading from the last page first,, wotever i read,, always the back first,, i dont know why , dont ask me,, it started since i learned how to read until now,,,,,, cant help it,,
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