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  1. Hello trying to find First aid & Moving & handling course's for Care Work any idea were I may find any please
  2. could a bent pin on prosossor cause the blue screen problem ?
  3. I not have the windows disk as it was put on in a pc shop
  4. it has new windows 7 pro ram ok I been told it is clean inside & yes did this b4 new hard drive as I say a good laptop apart from blue screen I think a code does come up but have 2 write it down next time I put laptop on
  5. Hiya I have a laptop it has new hard drive & still blue screens any idea as a good laptop I am still learning so I have no idea what it can be Help please
  6. Just a quick question if anyone can help are let me know what i would like to know is there anyone on hear that would be willing to show me how to fix laptops and pc towers desktops plz as i know some bit but would like to know more if possible .... Inbox me plz with any info
  7. need help trying to sort a pc out that as far as i know never been on internet ever & haveing problems with getting online Helppppppppppp
  8. take it back as they can find it for you as it should be under warranty ? there are ways 2 find this for you & they should help hopefully ??that are ring hp adviceline n they may help ??
  9. hiya can any one tell me how to set a web page up plzz it to get a group giong so ppl have some were to chat ??
  10. wanted twin tub washer ? no silly reply's plz i am after a twin tub washer ? s5 parsoncross
  11. Hiya Can Some 1 Tell Me How I Can Help I Can't Help With Money But I Can Help In Other Ways Like Painting .... Removeing Stuff .... R Whatever Is Needed Can Some1 Let Me Know How I Can Help Plzz ??
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