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  1. Hi hope someone may be able to help. I work for a well known Insurance Company in the claims department, moy role is to liase with policy holders and third party insurers to establish liability and deal with injury claims. Last year 10 people managed to get 'flexible' working hours. Foing all there shifts in 4 days instead of 5. This was NOT rolled out to everyone, one person did it then word of mouth others did the same, when I found out about it I asked and was advised there are no more opportunities. These people already doing it all start at around 7-30 -8 and finish between 5-6 (the office is open 9-5) I have now been told I can do a 4 day week but only on the basis that I start at 9 and finish at 6-45, which I feel is totally unfair, when I queried why I was told 'business needs' however all the others start before 9 and there it would be to no further detrement to the company if I started before 9. What I want to know is have they done things proplerly and do I have a good case to take further?
  2. Cheers, does it also work with DVD covers? Also when it says drag the image does it have to be the correct size of a CD cover or does it do that for you?
  3. I have loads of CD's on my hard drive and with each CD it has the album cover, the back, and also the image on the actual CD. What I want to know is what soft ware do I need to buy so I can make my own discs? I've got a colour printer to do the cover and back but want to know how Id burn an image on to the disc. Also is this possible with DVDs?
  4. Theres a shock The Express predicting the next ice age again, as they do every year - Next!
  5. N Power are a waste of time, they tried saying that the average bill for my house, 2 bedroomed, 2 people is £67 per month just for the Gas, all my Neighbours pay approx 25 per month and I pointed this out and they just said you cannot go by other peoples bills! Also every time I tried to call them I was on hold listening to that **** 'happy together' tune for over half an hour at a time. Avoid them!
  6. So how exactly does it work, also how does Shareaza work?
  7. Can anyone advise me what Shareaza and Azerus are like please? My mate at work swears by them both, he has downloaded movies, music, applications and games from them? He says it's good but I would prefer some more opinions, cheers in advance.
  8. Someone told me Shareaza is good for downloads, has anyone tried it?
  9. Hi I've installed Nero 7 on my computer, I've gone to put some of my files on to DVD unfortunately the disc pops out before doing anything? Any ideas.
  10. First if you reported it to the police they can pursue him for driving away from the scene of an accident. Second if you sustained any losses etc, with hi reg number you can find out who his insurers are, the Police should advise you the details. So if your bike or yourself have suffered any damage you can lodge a claim against his insurers. If you need any further advise, please PM me, I won't see your message until tomorrow morning. Les.
  11. Can anyone help me on this it's doing my head in? Cheers
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