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  1. Really sorry to read this - top bloke. RIP
  2. Q:What's pink and retarded? A:A Flamongo
  3. Trams were running?! Hope that's a wind up: I've walked to and from work today.
  4. Walked about 12 miles today legs are killing me!
  5. Just to clear up any confusion: If you have a provisional licence or full car licence you can do a CBT, this is compulsory basic training this allows you to ride a bike of upto 125cc (if you're aged 17+) as far as I'm aware all routes to a bike licence include this as it's compulsory - also note the T stands for training not test. You must renew your CBT every 2 years, unless you have gone on to pass a motorcycle test. Whilst riding on just a CBT you must display L plates and cannot carry pillion passengers*. Your options are now: A1 (light or 125cc bike test) - this is essentially a stupid option but once passed you can tear up your L plates, carry passengers and ride that 125 forever more. A - This is the standard bike test, once passed you can ride ANY motorcycle you want...however for the first two years the bike must be restricted to a power output of no more than 33bhp. (Or you can buy a bike that's power doesn't exceed this from the factory i.e a 125cc, 250cc etc.) DAS - Providing you're over 21 years old you can opt for the direct access scheme - when you pass this test you can jump straight on a full power gsxr 1000 and giggle your tits off. Before doing any of the motorcycle tests you have to first complete a theory test. If you've done one for a car test in the last 10 years then you'll feel thoroughly ripped off as the questions are pretty much the same bar a few (if you're lucky) noddy 'motorcycle' related ones (i.e "a biker has crashed do you a)check his airways b)stamp on his face to see if he's alive") Some test centres try to push everyone eligible through DAS as it makes them more money, if you're happy to be restricted to 33bhp for a couple of years then it can be a much more economic option. *unless you passed your car test pre 1990 and are riding up to a 50cc bike...or something like that.
  6. Hear a lot of bad stuff about them but from personal experience; General crap practice and attitude in my eyes, teach 'em to pass the test and nothing more. While I was there I saw a bloke crash his bike and they didn't bother to check it over, just expected him to jump back on and keep up. Remember a young lass being told to ride a foot out from the curb as they do tell you to ride on your test (or did then) she said "my dad says ride out near the middle of the road" bloke responded to this with "well your dad's not sat here wearing the high-viz vest is he" ! I don't know if it was just a bad joke or whether he was that much of an ar5e but in my opinion at the very least he should have explained why he was asking her to ride near the gutter. They also take a lot of pupils out per one instructor - since leaving them I've never had anything but one on one. And to boot- they're expensive.
  7. KK rider training , wouldn't go anywhere else. Certainly not owlerton!
  8. I thought I saw them putting someone in the back of a van as I went past but could have been mistaken, there looked to be half the station there. That was around 6pm would Imagine it's safe now...
  9. Think the biggest risk to anyone's mortgage would be unemployment, if the rate went up astronomically we'd be wrecked anyway wouldn't we?
  10. Just to point out curry's gave you bad advice, there's no need to wipe your data for that repair (unless their internal procedures make it so!). I'd also be unhappy with the other company if that's what has happened! Glad you got it sorted anyway.
  11. Yep, frustrating- I hate the place too. Only one comment though, the longer you turn down jobs like b&q etc. the more unemployable you are. And you can't get a promotion watching Jeremy Kyle! Not an attack, just an opinion.
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