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  1. Thanks again everyone - this is all super helpful!
  2. Thank you all for your help! I had already asked the question to the lady dealing with my recruitment but she only knew about the staff car parks which are strictly limited. Thanks again.
  3. I'm going to be starting a new job at Sheffield Hallam University in the next few weeks. Does anyone know if any of the car parks near the City Campus (or indeed anywhere within the city centre) that offers special or discounted rates for university staff?
  4. I drove up at around 7.25am and it looked like there had a been a crash.There were a few cars in front of me turning around in the road as it was clearly blocked, so I did the same and went home via East Bank Road. I wonder if the sun was a factor? It was absolutely blinding coming up Granville from town and made it difficult to see exactly what had happened.
  5. My husband has a lot of work by Simon, and believes that he's now working from a studio called Second 2 None on Clough Road in Rotherham.
  6. Try Community Legal Advice: https://www.gov.uk/community-legal-advice At the moment, employment advice is covered but you'll need to ring them quickly as due to the Legal Aid Reform, funding is changing and some areas of advice go out of scope from the end of March. In Sheffield, the service is provided by Howells.
  7. I have mine done by John from Oven Revive, at a cost of £35. I did feel quite lazy to begin with but it's a terrible job and they made it look brand new so the guilt didn't last long! I'd really recommend them. http://www.ovenrevive.co.uk
  8. Julie - from just having a quick browse myself, it's very difficult to differentiate between cakes actually made by you and which are other people's work which have been posted for "inspiration". There are a lot of these photos and they aren't always clearly labelled as inspiration. Some individual photos are credited but in the spirit of honesty, if you're going to post these pictures to a page promoting your business, each one needs a caption clearly stating that it's not your work. Have you also obtained permission from the owners of these photos to repost them? If not, I would suggest that you do so quickly. It's not always enough to just credit the owner if you're using them without permission and isn't really the polite thing to do. How would you feel if the situation was reversed? I would also definitely take on board comments made earlier in this thread regarding grammar and the quality of your written English. You are still continuing to make your posts in an un-professional manner which is actually quite hard to read in some cases. As a potential client, I would also take umbrage with being continually called "luv". The cupcakes you have made do look very nice though! You clearly have a lot of ideas that just need thinking through a little more before you launch into it and spend loads of money.
  9. Just leave them in your locked back garden. I'm in S2 and the scrap men there regularly let themselves into my garden and help themselves to anything vaguely metallic.
  10. Try inputting the barcodes online to something like Music Magpie or CEX to see what they are willing to pay. http://uk.webuy.com/sell/ http://www.webuydvds.co.uk/ http://www.musicmagpie.co.uk
  11. Lasering a minor isn't illegal; tattooing a minor is. A parent cannot give consent for a child under the age of 18 to be tattooed - it is still illegal.
  12. I can highly recommend Kirk at Sheffield Laser/Good Vibrations. I'm very impressed with what he's done for me so far, is a lovely guy to boot and his rates are less than half that of the likes of Skin. https://www.facebook.com/GoodVibrationsTattoo The good news is that "amateur" tattoos are far more easily removed than professional ones and it may only need a few sessions to remove it.
  13. I'm glad you clarified that, and I would ask a mod to change the title of your thread to avoid any confusion. I use Castle Dental on City Road myself and have always found them to be polite, friendly, helpful and totally professional. In addition, the premises are spotless(have to be, all the treatment rooms are kitted out in black gloss!) and the standards of hygiene are the best I've seen. It would be a shame if anyone read just a couple of posts into this thread and assumed it was this practice that you were talking about. And no, before anyone asks the usual question, I don't work there!
  14. Ah, I'm afraid I mis-read your original post, thinking that you were asking about applying for the job - apologies! NVQs tend to be carried out via workplace training, but I do know that they are occasionally offered at college. If you Google Vision2Learn, you might qualify to study it as a correspondence course, and I believe that they are currently offering it free of charge.
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