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  1. For Discussion on Covid and the Tier 3 please use the thread in General. Please keep this thread for the support aspect.
  2. We look into the reports that we receive. Despite our own feelings etc, if it doesn't break the forum rules, then there isn't a great deal we can do. If you feel we haven't looked into something there is the Helpdesk. And this is how you give feedback, even though it is somewhat negative against the us, mod team. It has suggestions as to how mods can do better. Regarding threads going into multi threads. I think Medusa covered this recently in a thread. If we have multi threads on a subject they can and do cross over. We have had countless accusations that we have removed a post, when we did nothing of the sort and it was just sitting in another thread on a similar subject. I've long since wanted something automated to advise users that this post has been removed for x reason. We don't have the time to message users to say what they've done wrong. Although, as you mentioned, they contact the Helpdesk. If a post is removed, you can more or less gurantee it (and usually a post chain after) has broken the forum rules. We respond to reports, if a user reports something and we usually have a gut intiution how it's going, we stop it there. It isn't going to be everyone's taste and we can't please everyone. We have had instances where that has happened. And no it didn't result in the banning of the person. Ironically it went the otherway when we looked further into it. Well....good thought on paper. However, some users would simply remove what they don't agree with aka there would be a BIG bias issue with this. With some of the reports we get, it would cause more conflict than it's worth. It would increase the mod/admin work rather than reduce it. I think users can still edit their own posts? (im sure someone will confirm if that is not the case). Plus If the mod team end up not being able to see the removed post, can you imagine the choas? I can, and it's making me want to have a Gin!
  3. It has been brought to Rob's attention in the new owner thread, so fingers crossed.
  4. One thing Rob, and I think I speak on behalf of several users. The Classifieds isn't all that user friendly and could do with better catagories. I've linked the active thread on people's 'voices' on it:
  5. It was drawn the same time as round 2 for some odd reason. See:
  6. If users are going to pedel a similar post, when numerous members have said time and time again against it, then it's going to be removed as spam the account dealt with as a spammer.
  7. The lift was taken out of action after the fire at the Extra charity shop next door to it.
  8. I think there is MIND up there, the one next door to it (Extra Care?) burnt out just before Corona hit.
  9. PC Matt Lannie I would think. https://www.facebook.com/609632969065582/posts/3787214271307420/
  10. If you are copying and pasting from another location, you need to provide a link to the source material.
  11. There is a sign on the shop window. They are moving to an online store only and will not be re-opening the shop. Anyone who has repairs with them should contact the shop for an appointment to pick it up. They will no longer do repairs.
  12. Yup, but this was a very drawn our process, they could have given us this deduction sooner and I -think- we would have just stayed up this season on goal difference? (Can't say what i legit think about Chansiri and this whole dang saga) but it had horse and cow muck in it!
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