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  1. Please dont give out anyones private/personal information without their knowledge and consent. Thank you.
  2. If anyone can help the OP please do via the link provided. Closing as per forum policy.
  3. This is the final warning that will be given about petty bickering. Accounts are going to be suspended if this continues.
  4. The pointless bickering can cease! The posts have been removed.
  5. The bickering and sniping ends here. Anyone who continues will be suspended. There are enough issues right now without adding to them with that. If you can't post nicely, don't post!
  6. There were not many people in, I was doing my best to avoid the people that were in there so didn't take that much notice. Most of the 'key' items, like pasta, toilet roll etc were not in stock.
  7. Morrison's at Hillsborough didn't today. A lot of stuff was still not available.
  8. The Jam Cam thing? Nope that flaked out and never came back.
  9. As this service has now ceased, i have unpinned and locked the thread.
  10. Andy has set up a thread for Pubs offering Takeout/Home Delivery: https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/472000-pubs-offering-take-out-or-home-delivery/
  11. Guys, tempers are up, that does not give you the right to attack other users. Any further from this point will result in your account being suspended.
  12. While the 'marry up' idea may seem helpful. It is also possible to have symptoms without displaying them. Therefore the posts and other thread has been removed. If you have any query regarding this, please contact the Helpdesk.
  13. hm it's been a while.
  14. This isn't something that the mod team can help with. Having a quick look would indicate you can't auto renew. On the old forum this couldn't happen either so you would need to make all your threads manually.
  15. Please dont give out anyones private/personal information without their knowledge and consent. Thank you.
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