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  1. Looks like the Shoppers Rest across from what will be The Works has closed. That's been there ever since I was a little kid....
  2. Groose

    Blades vs Millwall

    The bickering and attacks are to cease.
  3. Groose

    Speed Limits

    The bickering is to cease.
  4. Groose

    Keep counting up til

    Moving on up...
  5. https://www.winzip.com/landing/download-winzip-v1.html and https://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=0 The two official sites.
  6. Groose

    Hillsborough verdict

    The next person to start victim blaming or anything similar will be suspended. and the thread closed. Posts have already been removed for it.
  7. Groose

    Science Fiction

    The bickering can cease from all parties.
  8. Groose


    https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/notifications/options/ You will need to scroll down past the top half of the list and mark off each one accordingly. Remember to save afterwards. If you also look under the reply box - there is a button that says 'Notify me of replies'. Make sure that isn't green.
  9. Post(s) have been removed because they could be considered to breach our Terms of Service or Forum Rules.
  10. Groose

    Keep counting up til

    Tick Tock.....time to go down.
  11. Groose

    White supremacist attack in NZ

    You can't say you were not warned...closing.
  12. Groose

    White supremacist attack in NZ

    The bickering is to cease. Otherwise accounts will be suspended.
  13. Groose

    Equality thread

    As you have a query with moderation, you will need to take it to the helpdesk.
  14. The bickering and attempts to force a reply end here.
  15. Groose

    What is equality to you?

    As you think it's fine to carry on with the baiting etc, closing. Do not start a new thread/post etc.

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