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  1. Please don’t give out anyone’s private or personal information without their prior knowledge and consent. If you know the people in question make them aware of this thread. Thank you
  2. Some of that I didn't even know!! Still keep thinking I'm going to see her pop up to say hi.
  3. https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/warnings?location=+Sheffield At the time of writing, 4 Sheffield rivers are on Flood Alert. Upper and Middle Don Blackburn Brook River Sheaf and Porter Brook Upper Derwent in Derbyshire Stay safe.
  4. There is an Amber Weather warning for heavy rain for Tuesday to Thursday. With the already high rivers due to the rapid snow melt. That is not going to be fun.
  5. Was yesterday, but the sad news about Mort.
  6. I still can't believe it. Goodbye my friend. I will miss you terribly xxx
  7. Pretty sure it closed down. Something at the back of my mind is telling me that Geoff (old SF owner) owned that as well at some point.
  8. Chocolate, much chocolate (never said cash)
  9. I should point out, we did our exchange socially distanced!
  10. Thanks for one of those suitcases Padders.
  11. Removed a handful of posts and handed out a suspension for the wumming, We're getting fed up of it again.
  12. Don't think i've been more relieved to see someone post on the forum. People have been worryin' about you.
  13. I hope he appears well. Will keep my fingers crossed.
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