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  1. Post(s) have been removed because they could be considered to breach our Terms of Service or Forum Rules
  2. Owls keeper Keiren Westwood injured in warm-up, with Cameron Dawson taking over ...
  3. Post(s) have been removed because they could be considered to breach our Terms of Service or Forum Rules.
  4. You know where the Helpdesk is to query moderation. Anyone else who decides to take shots at the mod team will be suspended.
  5. Mod Note: As we are getting rather tired of seeing reports about this. The use of the word Remoaners is to cease. Either posts like adults, or don't post at all. The mod warnings have been clear.
  6. Mod Note: You don't have to quote the whole post. However if you misquote or quote something that goes out of context of the original post, the post will be removed if reported.
  7. It's still there for me: https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/forum/5-sheffield-history-amp-expats/
  8. Nope you don't have to pay to use the L.A.V.S toilets. Forgot to mention that John Lewis is part of the scheme as well.
  9. The L.A.V.S agreement. The ones I know of are: The various Spoons pubs Marks and Spencer Debenhams Millennium Gallery The pub at the library side of the winter garden...can't think of the name. The Moor Markets
  10. Further posts have been removed. You were warned. Thread is now closed.
  11. The rain should soon be over, so it'll go down pretty quick once it finally stops. Just saw the vid on Sheffield Online, there is hardly any protection at that part of the path.
  12. I'm sad to announce that Rita Nettleship (The mainstay of the SWFC Supporters Club for a many number of years) passed away this morning. I've known Rita most of my life from being a little un with my dad selling the Programmes on the Kop, to covering said spot myself when he got too ill. RIP Rita, you were a lovely lady and I was happy to know you.
  13. Further posts were removed, now the thread is locked.
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