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  1. Posts with bickering have been removed. You know better, you've been on the forum long enough. Any further will result in accounts being suspended.
  2. You were warned about the bickering, this thread is now being locked. Do not make a new thread or derail other threads.
  3. Rangers were dropped to the Scottish 3rd Division.
  4. I will only have sympathy for my fellow fans. Chansiri was an idiot for this and either ignored/or wasn't advised accordingly. I'm sure we'll end up with a points deduction that will send us down...or worse they'll just drop us into the lower leagues. If we are found guilty, Chansiri should be banned from Football and the rest of the idiots involved.
  5. The bickering of innocent/guilty is to cease.
  6. Posts have been removed. Any further posts victim blaming WILL result in your account being suspended. We've warned on this many times in many of these threads. All end up blocked because people cannot help themselves.
  7. Accident according to Sheffield Online. Hope that people will be ok.
  8. Strange the person I spoke to yesterday did not have an Indian accent.
  9. I am going to remind you of the sticky at the top of this section. Any further baiting WILL result in your account being suspended.
  10. Post(s) have been removed because they could be considered to breach our Terms of Service or Forum Rules.
  11. It isn't the council that provide the tree at the Moor.
  12. If anyone can help the OP please message them directly. Closing as per forum policy on research threads.
  13. Shows how long it has been since i was up there!
  14. Yup it's a restaurant. I believe there is one on Eccesall Road
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