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  1. Post(s) have been removed because they could be considered to breach our Terms of Service or Forum Rules. Any further personal attacks will result in you being suspended.
  2. I'm going to close this thread because the content of what is being discussed may be covered by sub judice laws, since another trial is due to start in a few months. Please don't start any other threads on this topic.
  3. The vile post and the chain following on have been removed.
  4. Personal comments and attacks are to cease otherwise you will be suspended.
  5. That Rita doesn't have 2 children. So it is defiantly a different Rita Nettleship
  6. Any query regarding moderation will need to be taken to the Help Desk.
  7. Posts removed, any further name calling or belittling of other users will see your account suspended.
  8. There is a carboot megathread: https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/465897-carboot-mega-thread-2019 Most called off this weekend due to the weather.
  9. Personal comments have been removed are to cease, any further and accounts will be suspended.
  10. Wasn't he cleared in court for this?
  11. Not well, dead Peregrine and the eggs were not brooded enough due to an intruder.
  12. This has gone on long enough. If anyone finds the bike, please contact the OP. Several pieces of advice have been given, it's up to the OP to use them.
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