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  1. there's enough surface streets close by which are perfectly usable. That is if you don't know about any of the hidden car parks dotted around the area.
  2. How I do not miss driving into Sheffield on the Mosborough Parkway. For my two penneth, if both lanes were queued up to the pinch point, traffic would be moving just as fast along the whole road as if everyone queued in the first lane. The only difference would be that you were in a shorter queue so the queue itself would be slower. At the end of the day though, the road should be a dual carriageway but thanks to the stupid council, they made the road 1 meter too narrow to allow for this. Hilarious still is the fact that a lot of queuing is caused as a result of people slip lane running along the parkway because it is usually quicker than staying on the parkway and therefore blocking the roundabout at the top.
  3. Hi, I am trying to get some people together to start a new YouTube channel featuring a bunch of us playing Fifa against each other in a mini league format. The idea is that we would all meet up, have a few games of fifa and mainly, have a laugh. We film the matches as well as the inevitable banter and then edit the footage to post the highlights of each match on a new Monetized YouTube channel with any money being split evenly amongst everyone. Ideally the league will be made up of 12 players and be relatively decent. If you are interested and would like more info, please send me a PM Cheers Tom
  4. In all honesty I cant actually single out a thing thats great apart from its proximity to the Peak District. Only problem with this is that the PD isnt actually in Sheffield! There are lots of good things however these are all places that others will hate too. Such as; The new Markets, Leopold Sq, West St, Kelham Island, Sheffield Uni, Sheffield Hallam Uni, West One, The 5 Weirs Walk, Meadowhall, The Peace Gardens, Rother Valley, Grenoside and Wharncliffe Woods, The mountain bike track at Parkwood Springs, The Canal, Brammall Lane, Hillsborough, The Arena, Centertainment, The Showroom, The Forum, The Victoria Quays, Eccleshall Road, The large amount of independant restaurants, The large amount of chain restaurants, Weston Park, Winter Gardens, Millhouses Park, Graves Park, Fargate, The People, The Tram.
  5. Generally when I meet outsiders (i.e. not from this country) they do refer to either Wednesday or United as their only knowledgable fact of Sheffield. People from round the country generally refer to either the Peak District or Meadowhall which you cant disagree with. The Peak Disctict is brilliant and Meadowhall (love it or hate it) is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK and one of the easiest to get to for outsiders. Oh and the AMP is marketed as being in Sheffield but is actually in Rotherham which results in smaller tax rates and a better run council. There's a reason people living round there say "they live in Sheffield with all the benefits of living in Rotherham".
  6. hahaha I'd love to see how many people have broken these rules around sheffield today! Even better, when theres a match on at either Stadium in Sheffield.
  7. the difference is that manchester city centre is far larger than sheffield, piccadilly is much larger and far easier to get to than sheffield station. The main difference is that the metroshuttles all stop right outside the station. to get to the freebee you had to walk into sheffield bus station which would deter people who have never visited sheffield before. Oh yeah, Manchester has a far more appealing centre than Sheffield does. Heck I was in Derby the other day and that beats the pants off of Sheffield!
  8. Do we really have to ressurect this discussion? There's already lots of questions as to whether itll even happen. Personally I dont think it will as the need for travel is lessened all the time with technology serving as its replacement. Britains geography does not lend itself well to a HS line as large cities are nowhere near as far apart as they are in other countries. The only country that has a large HS network with the same issues regarding city proximity is Japan but their country is far more linear so its easy to get a single line. I would be far more in favour of upgrading the line from York to Leeds, Leeds to Sheffield and then upgrading the Midland mainline as the main route for the east into london. The west is a far messier story as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow are all termini stations, not that HS2 will improve that.
  9. Having done a lot of this last year my fave was Rother Valley to the cafe in Stavely on the chesterfield canal. Other good ones were round derwent reservoir. 5 Weirs Walk. Monsul Trail (too short in my opinion). greno woods to penistone. dove valley trail (penistone to manvers). A good site for getting info would be the transpennine trails own site. They highlight family friendly areas of the trail, along with traffic free areas too. One thats a bit further out and a lot longer but may be worth considering is Hull to Hornsea. Completely off road and flat. Its 15 miles each way but could be worth considering if you wanted to lay by the beach for an hour or two when you get to Hornsea. I also hear that the solar trail from Selby to York is worth a visit as it has a scaled down version of the solar system. Every 100m equates to 57 million km. Sherwood pines and clumber park are also good places to go. I'd avoid sherwood forest though as its easy to get lost and before you know it you will be at the major oak having to push your bike. I hear that the tissington trail is good, as so is the high peak trail (though I would check where its flat for that one). The chesterfield canal also looked like a good place to cycle down (from kiverton park) when we walked there last year. dont have a reccomended start and end point for you though.
  10. They used to run on digital region but have bought out some of the network themselves. Digital Region will be closing in August but Origin wont be. I think they may have even bought out the lot round Catcliffe as it was widely known to be one of (if not the) most profitable areas for them
  11. I reckon that you should try facebook, twitter and other social networks. I would also suggest contacting the star as they usually like reporting on stories like these (they will take full credit for finding if shes found though).
  12. Pretty much everything has been covered already but personally I would actually report where this is happening. If other people knew where it was that you were reporting then they may also be inclined to report the same problem. Create more awareness of the specific problem and more people will help. For instance, I reported the moronic bikers revving around Morrisons Car Park in Catcliffe at midnight just the other day. The first time they have done it and im quite happy reporting them every time it happens. People like this will go away as soon as they realise there's even a chance they will get caught.
  13. There are lots of bad residential roads out there but as far as trunk roads go. The parkway between the M1 and the Mosborough parkway doesnt get much worse. As a cyclist my least favourite road for surface is Tinsley Park Road.
  14. Ill vote as I always do. By not voting! Dont see the point as nothing changes regardless of whoever is in
  15. Origin Broadband should be able to provide fast broadband. I live in the middle of catcliffe and have it. ---------- Post added 23-04-2014 at 13:25 ---------- Im surprised that there never was a P&R at waverley. To be honest, im glad there isnt as the roads around there now are getting a bit daft during rush hour. They certainly arent capable of handling the increased demand that will be placed on them when waverley is finished! Instead I would vote for a P&R at the Aston Hotel at the Sheffield Business Park. There is already a second lane going up the hill from the parkway to it as it is so from an infrastructure point of view, its already there! There's also a bus gate close to it and would allow for a fast service from Meadowhall to Sheffield via Tinsley, Brinsworth, the P&R, and the Parkway. As for the station (back to topic). It would be nice to see it happen but I doubt it ever will. The main problem is the fact that the frequency of the trains are poor and the line only goes between Lincoln and Sheffield.
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