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  1. A neighbour saw a fox with my cat in its mouth, and I found the cat's decapitated body lying in the street. Definitely not run over!
  2. I'm in Walkley and I get foxes in my yard and their poo stinks to high heaven. One of my cats had its head bitten off by a fox, so I'm not a great fan.
  3. When I worked on a mink farm (in the late 1960s) people used to bring us captured "mink", but they usually turned out to be polecats or ferrets. Mink aren't indigenous to the UK, wild mink are the result of escapes or misguided releases by animal rights activists. They had an exclusively meat (mostly offal) based diet and they have a strong blood lust so I doubt that it's mink pinching your horse's carrots and apples.
  4. I noticed the shutter door was damaged when I called there onThursday morning (7/5/19), looked like it had been pulled out at the bottom. The shutters over the windows have been down since Wednesday, so maybe they were just having trouble with the shutters? The one over the door got stuck a few months ago.
  5. I used to get this when I had old Land Rovers & Range Rovers. You also get people asking to buy bangers for banger-racing, or even people wanting them for scrap, although in my experience the latter people usually don't bother asking.
  6. I've got a dipping mirror to cope with that. No point in antagonising said muppet, he's just as likely to get even closer in retaliation and if you have to stop quickly then there's a crash. His fault, but you don't want "It Wasn't My Fault" engraving on your tombstone! I suspect most collisions are caused by two muppets.
  7. I didn't mean to quote the Highway Code to prove that fog lights don't dazzle, and I'm not sure which post you're referring to. Thanks for quoting from the MOT tester's book (a passage I'm familiar with) - I would respectfully point out that in post 43 you said that "All cars on UK roads must have a red rear fog lamp." which is wrong. Now in post 49 you contradict that with the correct information. Perhaps you shouldn't really criticise other people? ---------- Post added 29-01-2014 at 22:58 ---------- All true, although the bit I've emboldened is more out of courtesy, as I said earlier, if you're close enough to be dazzled by rear fogs in bad weather then you're too close.
  8. Please copy & paste what you don't like and I'll try to explain further.
  9. ^^ I know - it's just that Resident seems keen on quoting the Highway Code
  10. Bit confused. Can I just point out that fog lights are not to aid your ability to see in the fog. They are there so you can be seen when visibility is low by other road users Are you talking about front or rear fog lights? Fronts are there so you can see in fog, they are low down, flat beams designed to have minimum reflection back at the driver. There is no question that rears (red lights pointing backwards) would have anything to do with aiding one's ability to see! The rest of the paragraph is about rear fogs? ---------- Post added 29-01-2014 at 21:48 ---------- Could you quote the Highway Code on that one?
  11. I see what's happened here. I started talking about being dazzled by rear fogs in response to post 9 in post 14, and I quoted a section from the Highway Code in post 18 Clearly I was right, you can use front or rear fogs in foggy or wet weather, it's obvious that if you are using front fogs in the wet you should switch back to headlights in the face of oncoming traffic, this takes care of the "don't dazzle" point raised by Resident in post 21. I never said otherwise. I stand by what I say about being dazzled by rear fogs. "Severely heavy rain." isn't mentioned in the section of the highway code I quoted, "adverse weather conditions" are. This phrase is of course open to interpretation. I do not need to spend time with a driving instructor, all I've done is quote from the highway code! Personally I would not use front fogs when it is wet, and I would not use rear fogs inappropriately, and have never said anything to the contrary. Your final comment was unjustified, but typical for this forum I suppose.
  12. If it is raining hard or foggy you should use fog lights, if these dazzle someone in the rain & fog then either they are mal-adjusted (the lights, not the driver) or the person being dazzled is too close to the car in front, in the case of rear fogs. If you use rear fogs in the dark but no rain or fog then you contravene the rule you mention.
  13. From here, under the heading "Driving in adverse weather conditions (226 to 237)" https://www.gov.uk/driving-adverse-weather-conditions-226-to-237 "You MUST use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced, generally when you cannot see for more than 100 metres (328 feet). You may also use front or rear fog lights but you MUST switch them off when visibility improves (see Rule 236). Law RVLR regs 25 & 27 No specific mention of Fog only.
  14. "Rainy & dark" may constitute adverse weather conditions, in which case it is OK to use front & rear fog lights. If his rear fog lights were bothering you, you were too close to the car in front (in the wet).
  15. Like I said in my post "making day trips out and visiting relatives. " Trips I would not have otherwise made.
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